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3:53:47 PM
Tea AKA Little miss pumpkin

Thanks Joe for giving such a great recap of the call. Once again I found that the importance of all the information you were sharing, and it was so helpful and a great reminder.

In sharing the simple easy way to track your net carbs per meal, is to always have the net carb count present in your recipes. This will lead to quick carb counts and help you keep your diet in better alignment and save time.

So as we discussed a meal plan for the week is so convenient and helpful, you’ll have easy recipes, save money on your groceries and keep your carbs low.

2 Boneless Chicken Thighs with one and a half cups of steamed broccoli & garlic cloves. 4.5 net carbs

1 Pork Loin Chop seasoned with fresh garlic, Kerry- gold butter with one cup of green beans. 5 net carbs

1 5 oz Wild Caught Salmon topped in Brown Mustard, Garlic & Lemon with a side of one cup of steamed spinach. 4 net Carbs

Just a reminder to keep an easy got to recipe schedule with 10 to 14 recipes that are healthy, safe, affordable, convenient and low carb!!

Hope y’all find this helpful!

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