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How I Cured Morgellons

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11:45:23 AM

Dear Robin,

That's excellent your dogs have Been itch free four months now. It sounds like everything you are doing for them is indeed working.

Other things that are good for dogs with this disease are MSM sulphur powder (it helps fight morgellons as well as helps their skin, joints, fur.. Now foods msm powder is suitable for dogs although a human sold brand it has no additives added.

Colloidal silver, a little added to their food or water also helps. Food grade (must be good grade) DIATOMACEOUS earth a little daily added to food helps them expels parasites and cleanses the bowel. If you want you could give them a tiny amount of MMS added to the water daily too.

Fish oil capsules and probiotics and probiotics help them also.

Externally as a spray Apple cider vinegar in water very dilute can help itching. Even better, kleen green dilute seven to one sprayed daily on the fur is excellent. DIATOMACEOUS earth can be rubbed into their bedding and also rubbed onto their fur and it helps also.

So there are several options for people to use.

Best wishes

12:37:19 PM

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your post. I did a search for this type of dog food, but I'm only finding "Orijens" with a J, not a G.

I just wanted to clarify that this is the type you use.

Thank you!

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