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Dance, Dance and Dance some more

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9:49:40 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Teri, Lora, Linda and Leslie

Thank you for posting on this thread, I think I might have over done it with three hours dancing as I have been a little tired ever since. I was so glad I didn't go to any new years parties, I declined the one I was invited to because I had to get up early New Years Day and though best go to bed early, I do feel so much better now, the sad thought is I will probably have to wait a year before I get to go to another one :(

That is the one of the things I dislike about being old, you look pretty odd going to a night clubs I felt pretty odd when I was dragged to one at the age of 30yrs, There are soul nights at different venues but my partner makes every excuse under the sun so not to go! I think he should take some of those lovely Logos supplements!:)

Happy New Year

Freddie x

9:07:29 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Lora,

I am so happy and excited that you’ve come out of the gate running to get healthy! You go girl!!! To regain your health is everything and putting in the work is more rewarding!

Thank God your a survivor!
Happy New Year & restoration back to hood health!


I am so in awe of how far you’ve come... You’re such a blessing to this community! Your transition is super amazing!

Happy New Year to All!


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