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10:21:51 AM

Dear Friend,

I was SO sorry to hear about your recent health issue. Such an unexpected hurdle to have to deal with! I’m so glad you’re better now…and know the hand of God was involved in every step along the way.

When we talked you mentioned that it must not have been your time because of the timing of how things worked out as the events unfolded. There is no doubt that God is leading you through these health challenges in a way that illuminates and strengthens your deep faith.

You have surely been one of God’s shining lights to so many along your life’s journey and you are loved and appreciated by all your light touches. I pray your heart situation continues to improve and that you’ll find peace, health, and serenity this year.

Much love,


10:23:59 AM

Donna was looking forward to hearing about your healing journey!

So sorry you had to have surgery, but God knows best, he is with you and has proven that by your successful surgery, Amen.

Looking forward to hearing from you when you are ready! We all look forward to hear about your amazing healing from Morgellons.

Praise God for everything he does for us!

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