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Desiree's Journey

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8:44:26 AM

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Hi Desiree!

I’m so glad you’ve shared and it was wonderful that you have been on a few calls already!

I know you’re back with a few obstacles in your journey, but by the grace we are given, we will get our lives back. This is just another battle, but thankfully you can push though it to win this war!!

I too am really grateful your back and that your sharing. This will help others who need to know they are not alone!

I pray everything goes smooth with eradicating the mold from your home and pray that it should you a few hiccups in all this, that you and your family will be okay.

Oh yes, and I love suzie q’s too! So I am so excited for you to post the recipe!! Why this post is making me hungry! ;-)

Thank you again for sharing and Happy Belated Birthday Desiree!


11:54:58 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Desiree,

Happy Birthday to a fellow Pisces:-). I wish you health and happiness this coming year!! It was also my birthday this week, on Wednesday the 15th. I'm glad your mum made you a healthy cake, yum. I didn't have cake but I had a strawberry coconut yogurt instead, I love them they are so creamy and no added sugar. Ha I didn't put a candle on top though:-).

I agree Desiree, that last Saturday's call with Aunt Laura and Kelly was excellent!! I'm so happy that it gave you and many others in our community Hope and Encouragement.

It is lovely to hear from Warriors who have healed and moved on. It's so thoughtful of them to come back to inspire others to continue on their often difficult healing journey.

It's great you are now doing so well in your own healing, after everything you have been through. I too was deeply sick for six and a half years before getting the wonderful support here. I really understand the trauma of what you went through and how you had almost given up. So I know how happy you are to be getting through your big major Herx. Good too that you slept like a baby afterwards and listened to what your body needed. And I hope you have drank water like a fish since the Herx too ( as you are a wee pisces fish like me :-)). It's so important to listen to what your body needs isn't it.

I wish you well in sorting your home re mold issues. I'm glad you have the dehumidifier and air purifier both with Hepa filters, whilst you deal with it.

Take care and, "keep on keeping on," as the Mel man says.


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