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Doing Better

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8:16:03 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Laura ,

Thank you for the encouraging words , I like your analogy , I hadn't thought of it like that before , but it's good .. I'm getting on Things and just spending as much quiet time in a atmosphere of Worship and it's a precious time for me , I love it and it brings me a Lot of peace , I have to roll the cares of this disease and everything
Else really onto the Lord , otherwise I don't know how I could manage it all ..

I'm learning in a deeper way everyday that he is with Me and I get so much comfort and encouragement from that .. I am looking forward to the day I'm well to , I do hope it is sooner than later but I know it takes time ...

The physical therapy is sure keeping me moving and busy with everything else but ya know it's a good thing, and I'm enjoying it very much ..

Thank you again Laura I appreciate your encouragement and kindness , i am learning to cast my cares on him for he cares for me .. that's very good ..

Blessings to you Laura and I hope every happiness for you and your family !

8:25:41 AM

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Linda, every a tiny victory is a positive step toward your recovery. Baby steps and moving forward is wonderful.

I recall during my recovery, I would refer to my bio-terrain as a bucket full of rocks and dirt. Then picture placing a garden hose in the bucket and turning on the water. It takes quite a while before the bucket is empty as the rocks and dirt flow out. Once this happens the bucket finally becomes full of clean water.

The protocol, healthy diet, plenty of rest and constant communication with this community is how I overcame this. I look forward to reading your post on the day you claim your victory over MD. Remember to have faith in our Lord and peace in knowing he is with you.

Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ Romans 5:1

In Christ,

8:16:03 AM

Morgellons -

Hello All ,
I hope everyone is doing well today , and I want to thank you Mel for all the help you give to me and everyone in this community , without you and your dedication to getting people better , so many would not have found their way back to health and a happy life again ...

So Thank you Mel !

I'm doing better now , I've been in physical therapy and had a chance to do the aquatic pool with a treadmill in the Bottom of the pool and I have to say it's a wonderful thing , I've been doing 45 min. Of exercises for my back and it feels like you haven't exercised at all , plus the water is warm and wonderful , no comparison, I love it , my therapist is great , he knows exactly what needs to be worked on to restore as much as possible of strength and I'm so thankful for everything right now , I'm seeing some improvement and it's very encouraging , some things can be helped but I just have to be active for the rest of my life and that's really a good thing ... I'll be starting on the second phase of my therapy soon and be now working on machines to strengthen my spine so I'm looking forward to that , the outpatient therapy is so kind in giving everyone who has therapy there a month at a huge recplex facility to continue your therapy program , that's great , then silver slippers will kick in to continue membership so I can continue my exercise regime .. I'm so happy I can begin to finally after three years of figuring this out I am now finding help ..
They are really wonderful people who work in that field and I do appreciate them and all they do.

So I'm hopeful that I will feel much better soon and will be busy for some time to come but that's good and I'm happy about that ...

Just a little update on things and how it's going for me right now.. I'm finishing my eighth month of the protocol and will begin the ninth soon , I'm feeling better , I have a bit more energy , I'm sure it's from the protocol a huge part of me getting better .. looking forward to full recovery when it happens .. but in the meantime every tiny victory is wonderful and I am very thankful for each one ..

I hope everyone is doing okay and you recover fully very soon ..

God Bless All !
God Bless You Mel !