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9:05:55 AM

Hello everyone,

Another Hallelujah moment: Good news.

The eruptions I had on my upper chest and face are completely gone. I followed Mel's suggestions for 5-6 days and those areas are clear.

Still continuing the process to make sure everything remains clear.

WPS, Kleen Green, and Stevia are more than amazing!
Mel's advice through this process is another reason coaching is so critical.
Mel was there for me whenever I needed him.
So encouraging!

Kudos to the persons or person that came up with the Stevia solution!

Thankfully, Lee
Karen (the Librarian)

12:11:46 PM

Hi Lee,

Wow! So wonderful I rejoice with you!
This is certainly a week to give thanks!

Even though things in the world are still crazy, God still gives us these "Hallelujah" moments!

Blessings on you friend!

Karen (NuttyHatch)

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