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Rockin Robin

3:00:03 PM

Dear Karen,

Loved your post with the witches feet under the house!!! I laughed out loud!!! Thanks!! It lifted my spirit!! Keep posting the funnies, I love them!!!

Thanks Again, Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin
Rockin Robin

3:26:45 PM

Hello Everyone!

Here's a little update on Val. Val has started something new.

When Natalie goes to the restroom and gets up to leave, Val moves over and takes her seat. Natalie does not know why she always does this lately, but she always does. She will look to see where Natalie is going and if it is just to the restroom, which is directly behind the couch, she doesn't follow her anymore like she used to, she just moves over and takes her seat.

Is it warmth, the smell, or comforting, Natalie doesn't know. The first time she did it, Natalie had been working on the computer. She has a coffee table with a top that electronically raises up for you to use like a desk or a table to eat on. When she leaves to go to the bathroom, she has to put it back down to get up. so she did.

When Natalie came out of the restroom, Val had taken her seat and was leaning forward looking at the computer! Natalie stood at the restroom door watching her for a minute and she seemed mesmerized by the computer! Natalie is on it a lot, being at home. I suppose Val wondered what the deal was since mom was always on it! Even when Natalie came back, she was still looking at it!!

Since then, Natalie has been showing her videos of other dogs and animals actively doing things. Val is fascinated and gets very excited!! She will bark and whimper and watch so avidly. I have not seen this, but can' wait to watch her do this!

And she is still taking mom's seat when mom goes to the restroom and of course Natalie makes her move when she comes back.

Also, Val is all over Nick when he comes home from work. Since Natalie and Val have been together 24/7 for months now, she is so happy when Nick comes home. She has to be loved and petted and talked to before he does anything else. You simply cannot ignore a horse of a dog!! She follows him everywhere. He usually takes a shower straight away before touching Natalie and Val lays outside the shower door and waits for him. They tried leaving the door shut with her not in the bathroom, but she barked and howled the house down til Natalie let her in with Nick. Then, Nick gets a drink and goes to the couch, Val follows of course, and it starts all over again with the petting, loving and sweet talk. Natalie said Nick said to her, " Guess I'll have to love on you later wife!" So funny!!!

I'm afraid Val will be spoiled rotten!! She is literally their baby!! A big Baby Huey, for those of you ole-timers who remember those cartoons!!

I've sent 2 pictures, hope Mel can get them and post them. Hope you enjoy the update!!

Love to You All, Rockin Robin

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