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Rockin Robin

9:59:41 PM

Dear Linda,
I was looking at funny farm posts again and noticed the picture of Dandylion. She is so cute, adorable! I'm allergic to cats, but since I was raised on a farm we of course had outside cats. Although my eyes would swell and I would have symtoms like a bad cold, I didn't find out I was allergic to cats til I was in college!
I so love them!! I've never owned one personally, wish I could. However' I live with a solid black cat and a small love dog. The dog belongs to my granddaughter. The dog's name is Dora. She has a lovely personality. The cat belongs to my son. His name is Jacob and is solid black, but graying around the ears. He never comes in my room and I don't hang out in their living room, so believe it or not, I have not had a problem.
Jacob loves my son Ryan and no one else, he ignores everyone except Ryan and sometimes Dora the dog ( who he is dominate over). He follows my son around the house, always wants to be where Ryan is at, If left outside a room where Ryan is, he will meow the house down, crying like a baby til Ryan lets him in. He shows strong love and loyalty to Ryan!!
I am very fond of him, after watching how he reacts and relates to Ryan.
I see some incredible cat and dog stories on facebook!! Give Dandylion hugs and pets from me! Thanks for sharing!!
Hugs, Rockin Robin

4:27:56 PM

Hi everyone,

I sent a small video to Mel of our kitten, Dandylion. My granddaughter shook some catnip in a shoebox and Dandylion jumped in after it. As you can see she is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all feel this happy. Eventually we all will be doing the happy dance and we'll experience the joy that Dandylion is feeling here.


Click Link to Watch Video

Download CAT.IN.A.BOX.mp4

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