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10:06:45 AM

Hello everyone and yes welcome,

From my understanding, the biggest pro for fermented foods, especially for those fighting toxic disease/Lyme, is that it supports a healthy gut bioterrain by getting rid of the bad bacteria and maintaining good bacteria (primarily probiotics).

Moderation, with anything, is key.

The con against fermented food is that the fermentation process converts carbohydrates and sugars into alcohol, carbon dioxide or organic acids.

For toxic disease sufferers we want to limit the amount of sugar alcohol in the body as possible. Side effects can be bloating and gas, but normally not more severe than that.

Like anything you recommend with diet/nutrition - try a little bit and determine if it causes a herx. We've had fermented foods in our diet, but not very frequently and haven't really noticed a notable difference.

I would say Brenda is good if she wants to experiment with a couple fermented foods to try out, maybe 1-2x a week as an 'introduction' to her body.

Best to all,
Ruth Ann

10:56:21 PM

Hiya everyone,

I have a new recipe for making pickles and hoping to try it before all my pickles are gone.

They have been so productive this year. It does call for a little sugar which I will skip.

Hope it is good as this is the first time I will make it. Got it from a friend who loves it.

Ruth Ann

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