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filling food ideas

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8:47:22 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Jen,

Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are great to use as both are anti fungal and also help keep weight on and help you feel full.

Avocados are excellent and full of healthy good fats,slice in half and squeeze lemon juice in for a nice snack. Almond butter Is good stuff too. You can get almond crackers or bread made with almond flour no yeast.There Is an almond cream cheese in America too I have heard.

For filing foods I love cauliflower rice, very filling. You can find it ready made in most stores now. And coconut milk or coconut cream home made sauces with vegetables and a protein source and some spices of your choice is lovely and will help with weight.

Tahini sesame seed paste is lovely drizzled on roasted vegetables or salads. Roast slabs of cauliflower, drizzle in coconut or olive oil and spices of your choice. Fry up shrimp or chicken in Kerrygold butter and garlic and lemon and have with vegetables and cauliflower rice. Mel absolutely loves his Brussel sprouts cooked in Kerrygold butter and garlic:-). I hear air fryers are wonderful to cook with too and will make it a lot easier to cook too.

Cruciferous vegetables are your friends right now, roast or steam or grill or fry or air fry. Your body will thank you for them.

Unsweetened coconut yogurt is lovely with its natural sweetness. A few berries added maybe be okay, like blueberries, strawberries or raspberries. Watch and see if your body tolerates the Berries and only a few.

You can roast pumpkin seeds with spices of your choice or just sea salt. As well as almonds. But raw almonds are a great handy snack to have at all times.

Pure plant Stevia with fizzy water and fresh lemon or lime makes a delightful drink. Add chopped ginger for added flavour and anti fungal properties and immune help.

You will navigate through it and find what works.

Eggs are your friend, this disease hates Sulphur. Boiled eggs in a cup with Kerrygold butter and sea salt mashed up , yum. Omelettes are yummy and filing too. Make egg fried rice with cauliflower rice, onions, peppers, garlic sesame oil gives a lovely flavour and calories. Add protein source of your choice. Add nuts and seeds to your salads or to your cauli rice dishes.

It takes a wee bit of time and working it all out, but you will get there:-).


8:47:22 AM


Hi Tea and Joe,

As diet leads, I've been looking for high calorie food ideas. Because I haven't been eating much and losing strength. Not ideal. After talking with Mel I'll add the MagnifiGreens from Logos.

I feel better when I eat small meals and snacks throughout day. Also quick easy is important as I'm not preparing too much right now. Spend lots of time in wheelchair.

I can roast nuts and cook bacon in small countertop oven. Hey that's an accomplishment!

I'd appreciate any ideas of anything you've done or know about.

Thank you so much!