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Finding Joy Through Reconnection

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9:03:59 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Karrianne & Joe,

Thank you so much for sharing and for being honest! I couldn’t agree with you more and the information you provided regarding the books is great as well.

I also appreciate the insight you’ve given regarding the struggles that we are all facing. You’re right that it’s time for us all to “buckle down” & stand together and to find some encouragement daily. Even if it’s to be thankful for our fresh water, our protocol or to simply journal about the good God is and will do!

Thank you again!!

8:54:06 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Joe,

What a great post that is!!!!!!! :-)

Absolutely, I agree with you on soo many levels.
Of course as you say Big Pharma drugs do have their place at times re chemical imbalances and specific illnesses . But often anxiety and depression is a reaction to different traumatic experiences that people have had in their lives. If we can see it in that way, that often it's not something to be shoved down and medicated. That at times,, we can work through the problems in a more holistic way.

You know I myself was on anti depressants years ago and they caused as many problems as they helped. They had big side effects (it took me years to come off them and it was not pleasant) , they dummed me down in every way. Yes, the anxiety lessened, but my creativity was gone too. It makes me sad that the doctors hand these pills out to people like candy nowadays. It's too easy for them to do that, but surely drugs should be a last resort after other avenues have been exhausted and not a first resort? It seems all backwards to me and its totally not people friendly.

Of course, many times during this very difficult journey with Morgellons, I did think of going back on anti depressants when the suffering was really getting to me. But I knew based on personal experience that such drugs often come at a cost. That was a cost I was not willing to take.. again!!!

So what do we do when we are struggling with symptoms and alone in it?

What do we do in the days and nights when we are truly suffering?

You know, if you are struggling look up the testimonials and the journeys. My personal favourite will always be Monica. In the dark days, to read what she was doing to get through this really helped.

Join the Prayer call on a Sunday. It's free and it's nurturing and we all connect with God and each other and it helps!!!

Write in the forum or get coaching from Mel and read read read!!!!Knowledge is power, learn from those who came here before you. The experience and wisdom is all there for you to see and hear.

Reach out, be proactive, fight this day by day. You're not alone and we will help you. This community comes together and we understand each other and what we are all going through.

And as Joe says don't lose sight of yourself. Find the little things you can do each day, to reconnect with yourself, or with God or with the natural world. What do you like to do, don't lose sight of that now!!! .THIS IS THE TIME WHEN YOU NEED TO NURTURE YOURSELF MORE THAN EVER!!!!

Of course there are some things you cannot do now because of Mogelllons or even covid. But focus on what you CAN do for yourself. Get out in nature, listen to your favourite song and sing it at the top of your voice!!!! Pray, pray and pray again. Talk to friends on the phone, especially people who understand what you are going through. Do a wee dance, draw a picture, write a wee story, read your bible or a great book. Watch a comedy or a good film. Cook something new. BREATHE.... AND MOST OF ALL GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. BE GENTLE ON YOURSELF AT THE TIMES WHEN THINGS ARE MOST DIFFICULT.

You deserve that SELF LOVE NOW!!!!!! So please give yourself it.

Lots of love,
Chrissie and Holly (woof!!!!)

9:59:18 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Joe and Karianne.

What an awesome post. You are right in that so many of us have had to contend with heart breaking issues with this disease as well as doing it alone.

The book you speak of sounds like an excellent help to those who are battling with all kinds of mental emotional and physical issues especially with this disease.

We are lucky to have each other in this fight and you are a wonderful part of helping us all in so many ways.

I have been talking to people more on the phone and I even went to yoga with a friend. Nothing strenuous. But it was just nice getting out of the house and learning to relax.

I feel better as well that this will be the year we all have more positivity in our lives. Thank you for sharing and bringing so much to this group on the forum.


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