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Rockin Robin

3:16:24 PM
Everyone is welcome here!!!


You are a sweetie for posting right away as a new member!!! Good for You!!!! I am so very glad you found the website, Mel, and us in the community!! You are so very, very welcome here!!!

Because we have all been where you are and have all been in stress, desperation, depression, and felt alone; we want to help others who are suffering like we have or are, My heart goes out big time to anyone with this disease!!!!

You have found the only place I know of that heals people from toxic diseases without medicines and products that hurt your body and inhibits your immune system!! Healing from this disease is all about rebuilding your immune system. Our low, low immune system is a huge part of why we became ill.

I tried many doctors (all kinds of doctors) many prescriptions, antibiotics ( which gave me C-DEF- hospitalized me and I nearly died from it) and spent all of my savings.... all to no avail!!!

I am getting well now, thanks to Mel, John - his protocol, & this community!! And, within a month of being on the protocol and 2 months on the diet, this disease became manageable. Some of my worst symptons disappeared!!!

I am only about halfway there, but I know who helped me what worked and I'm staying here!!! Plus, this lovely group of people are the best friends and supporters you will ever have!!!

I had no family support at first, they thought i was crazy, I had to agree to see a shrink!! But I am a Christian and God used Mel, and this website and intervened and I got a shrink who had seen and treated people with Morgellons and a Lyme specialist who had also treated people with Morgellons!! They believed and had seen it!!!

My family does support me now!!!

You are not alone, and you CAN get well here!! Trust Mel and this community. Get started right away with Mel!! Do all he says, you will be surprised where you'll be in 6 months!!!

I'm here for you dear sweet sister!!!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin
Romans 5:1-5
James 5:13-18
Karen (the Librarian)

12:27:26 PM

Hi Nancy,

So very thankful you have found this site! You are in the right place!!

Please know that you are in our prayers. We are sad for the very difficult things you have and are experiencing. May Jesus bring you help and new friendships to support you on your journey to healing. You are among friends - even though we have hardly met. The Community here cares and welcomes you.

Please be talking with Mel - he can guide you. Be sure to purchase coaching from him. Also, read all than you can on this website.

We invite you to come to the Conference Calls on Saturdays at 1:00 Eastern time. Also the Prayer and Fellowship get together on Sundays. Also at 1:00.

Don't give up hope because there indeed IS HOPE!

Karen (the Librarian)

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