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Flaky skin?

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5:37:20 PM

I have little white specks coming out but my skin doesn’t feel dry I use coconut oil mixed with lotion and rub it in good. Mel told me it was biofilm. I also put coconut oil in my bath water and tea tree oil.just be careful so you don’t slip. I have been on everything for about 10 months but it was over 22 years that I had Rocky Mountain spotted fever. I am a lot better just don’t know when something new might pop up. Keep praying and trying! Everybody will try to help.

12:26:04 PM

Hello Tea and Laura,
Thank you so much for your informative responses! I will definitely try some aloe vera in my lotion! (Maybe some coconut oil too!) I never thought about aloe vera as it has such a "watery/jelloey" consistency. I am very excited to try it in my lotion!

Best Wishes,

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