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Nancy S
9:17:17 AM

Morgellons - WELCOME

This haven Really gave me hope.

I have been dealing with this trying to figure what was wrong!

God is my healer!

I have better understanding can’t wait to learn more! Glad I found your site,I have read everything I could.

know my family and friends are tried of talking about it and scared for me but they are still praying for me!

Looking forward to my wellness journey!
God Bless

8:40:36 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Crochetgranny

Pray your well and adjusting to the life of the protocol.

I didn’t eat rice at all and still don’t eat rice because it turns to starch really quickly.

If I may suggest not eating it at all until your past 8months on the protocol and have a talk with Mel about it to see what he says.


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