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How I Cured Morgellons

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Freddie Bean

10:37:29 AM

Tips for Newbies from a Newbie

I still class myself a newbie as I still have so much to learn on this disease but things are fresh in my mind at what I was told when I joined this great forum some three months ago.....

Don't be scared you are not alone, just please remember that there are plenty of people here with so much experience on this disease to help you through this you will not be on your own.

Try to stay calm as the Morgellons get worse when you get upset and agitated. It thrives off your stress hormones, this is so true because my stress level which was through the roof dropped when I found this forum and bingo the crawling and itching lessened.

Change you diet tomorrow, this is so important cut out all sugar and get your Carbs down to 30 a day you can check the amount of carbs in a product take the car gram figure and subtract the fibre gram amount that will give you the net grams you are after. This diet has been a godsend and it will be a good start for you and again many people on here can help you and there are some lovely recipes on here too. Yes at the beginning it's not easy but it will get easier and will become second nature.

We all need to build up our immune system, as this is why we have got sick our immune system was so compromised that it couldn't fight off this disease, so now we need to take good vitamin supplements to build ourselves up before embarking on ridding us of this disease.


Brain Fog well I still suffer with this but it is getting better so be assured this is just a blip and as you start getting better so will the fog and you will soon see things through it.


5:52:17 PM

definitely a change in diet is worthwhile whether or not I decide I have morgellons. Look forward to more study of this disease and the cure. we may just have bird mites . . . time will tell. thank you

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