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Funniest Story Ever Told Contest

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9:59:04 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Everybody,

We had such fun on the conference call today (7/27), listening to everybody read their stories. I know I laughed an awful lot!

Each person read or told their own story, and Mel counted the votes after each story was read.

Debbie and Ruth Ann, you two were not left out. Mel read the stories posted here, and everyone had the opportunity to vote on them.

The story that won the contest was Katharine's hilarious story, about her amazing ability to put on lip liner, even in a dark movie theater :-D

Congratulations Katharine! I hope you enjoy your prize, which is a Natural Ginesis Toxic Disease Starter Kit.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest by telling a story and\or casting your votes.

If you missed the contest but would like to hear the funny stories, Mel will have the audio posted later this week. You can listen by clicking on More Communication in the subheadings at the top of the page, or by clicking on the More Communication is Better thread.

Thank you, Mel, for thinking up such a fun contest that had us all laughing. Thank you for providing such an amazing prize as well.

God bless,


1:53:16 PM

Morgellons -


Very Funny.

I had to laugh because the same thing happened to me!

Years later, my first job in NYC was at Mary Jane Baby Doll Pajamas as a telephone salesgirl.

I will never forget that day in gym as one of my most embarrassing moments.

Thanks for sharing.


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