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1:37:51 PM


Thank you so much for your post!!

The last couple days I have been getting bit & stung more & have been beside myself! My shoulders are all bit up! I also find these little specs & crumb like substances in the area I feel the stinging! This is so bizarre. I can still hardly believe it!

I do have one diffuser I can use & my very attentive husband had 3 warmers sitting beside me after I finished reading your post just now! I will be setting these up along with my diffuser today!

I feel things crawling & biting me a lot at night! Its especially tough when I don't sleep all night long! It seems this disease has messed with me neurologically & the sleep center of my brain is not working! Ive tried everything with the Dr's help to find a remedy!

Thank you again Karen, I will be praying to our Lord while I am setting these up in our home! You are a true blessing to me today!

God bless you & have a wonderful & blessed week!
With much love to my Sister in Christ!

2:42:13 PM

Hi Karen,

This is great advice!

It's so funny to me that I never thought about using a coffee mug for the oils when I had a warmer all this time.

OK, I'm taking it out today!

You're the best!

Praying you have no more bites!


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