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Karianne & Joe

2:19:22 PM
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Hello Everyone -

Thank you so much for your support and attending the call on nutrition. I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with you and receive further support and guidance from Peter and Mel. You are all spectacular people who want nothing more than to get well, which depends heavily on nutrition and fueling yourselves with the right foods and supplements in this protocol. I know a lot of information was provided so I'm going to take time to post separately on the key items discussed. First up - Sugar...

As we heard on the call, sugar can be known by many names, yet so many are unaware of this and the fact that food companies do not have to disclose those ingredients in the 'sugar' content on the food label makes it especially confusing.

These little pieces by provide good guidance and tools to identifying various sugars in food content and how to read food labels. I highly recommend reading these two short articles as they will add to your arsenal of nutritional knowledge to continue combating this toxic disease.

Article 1: "8 Ways Food Companies Hide the Sugar Content of Foods"

Article 2: "How to Read Food Labels Without Being Tricked"

More to come on other key topics from the call.
Bless all you Warriors!

2:48:46 PM

Fantastic call Joe!

Thank you for all the great information you provided and discussions started

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