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Rockin Robin

3:16:23 PM

Dear Linda,

Amazing post!! You go girl!!! If you do the plant-based diet, be sure and share some recipes with us!! Love you girl!!!!

Rockin Rockin

8:25:30 PM

Hi everyone. Thank you all for the amazing informative posts. This is my second time writing this one as I get all done and my phone loses it somehow.

My chiropractor and primary dr. Are trying to get me to eat plant based. It's hard to change after building meals around some form of meat.

My chiropractor told me that I was so much better than the first day I came in.

I feel almost blessed to be sick because we have learned so much from this website and the people who come to the calls and post as well as Mel and the generous sponsors.

It is kind of like were our little secret society.

Thank you and bless all of you!!!

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