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Dodie and kipp
9:36:52 AM

Morgellons -

Hello everyone,

Kipp and I have taken our grandchildren camping, fishing, and boating on the lovely Reservoir Ridge Natural Area.

We will spend four days enjoying the beautiful surroundings and weather.

God bless,
Dodie & Kipp

8:59:43 AM

Morgellons - New Neighbors
New Neighbors

Hey Y-all

The elk are coming around and we are still getting a bit of snow every now and again. Spring is a comin and now it's time to get the jeeps out and get the motor home up and Sprung for Spring.

Dodie and I are getting along and trying to take care of ourselves.

We give our health to God and trust in him always.

God Bless you all.

Dodie and kipp
8:10:55 AM

Morgellons -

Hello everyone,

It has been a busy January for both Kipp and I.

Kipp went off on a trip with some of his jeep buddy's and then on to Florida to bring his father back in a motor home here closer to us!

I finally got him to take down the Xmas decorations on the 1st of February.

I in the meantime keep the home front running smoothly and spent time with the children and grandchildren.

All is well and we both looking forward to Spring!!

God bless,
Dodie and Kipp

PS While Kipp was away I did find time to do a little shopping. He He!

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