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Rockin Robin **

9:25:57 AM
Getting The Most

Hello Community Members,

Are you getting the most out of the " howicuredmorgellons " website? If you have paid the unbelievable price of $5.00 a month for this vast amount of incredible information and testimonies for healing of toxic diseases, then make good use of all the healing information here. How much is a doctor's visit? I use to pay for them and even more and never got the help I needed for my disease.

There is 12 years of information, videos, testimonies of complete healings, techniques for coping with symptoms and making them better, and posts from people suffering from Lyme, Morgellons, and the over 50 co-infections that go along with Lyme, There is also a list of other types of illnesses that this protocol has been beneficial in healing!

You will find a community of other sufferers that communicate regularly with each other and help and support each other! There is great COMPASSION here, LOVE and HOPE!

There are Godly morals and values here and a Christian Faith that is attractive: however, all religions and people are welcomed here. We just want to help others suffering like we do. No gimmicks, no scams, no quacks, just people helping people who suffer.

You will learn the incredible story about Mel Friedman, the man who cured himself from Lyme and Morgellons along with other health issues, his promise to God that if he lived, he would spend the rest of his life helping others with toxic diseases!

He has kept that incredible promise going on nearly 13 years now, fulfilling it every single day!!

Whether you are new or old members...............
ARE YOU GETTING THE MOST OUT OF OUR WEBSITE??? Be active and post to others! You will get help and so much more here, so pay it forward and you help others too! It would take years to read all of the website information; so, there is always something new to read! I found so many answers to my questions by reading, listening to videos and testimonies, and posting to others.

So..........don't delay, GET THE MOST FROM YOUR HOST (MEL) AND HIS INCREDIBLE WEBSITE!!!!!!! For $5.00 dollars it is the best bargain around for healing with a side order of FRIENDSHIP, COMPASSION, LOVE, & HOPE!!!!!!!!

With Much Love,
A Fellow Sufferer
Rockin Robin

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