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Good day!

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Jen D
10:51:36 AM

Morgellons -

Hello everyone.

It’s been a long 3 weeks of not being able to stand or transfer easily. I stayed in apartment. Stayed in underwear and shirt because that’s all I could do.

Besides numerous calls to fire dept for lifts. Super helpful! I also asked for a home health aide. She visited yesterday and helped get me in shower. After 2 weeks of no shower it was amazing!

And transfers on/off toilet are easier. I was so nervous to go to bathroom that I didn’t drink.

I put pants on today! Went down to mail and see people. Called fire captain to say I’m beyond grateful for their help. Pray before every move. Do everything with God. Today is a good day!

Then a PT came by this morning. I made the mistake of mentioning a fall trying to get into bed. Legs are still tight. Exercises like let’s stand at sink were almost impossible. There was no warm up. Standard response of you will only get worse so preserving is the focus. That’s not my truth.

Another how about Botox? I was very direct with him I will recover. And I won’t do any drugs. His look was I don’t believe you. Energetically cancel him and that visit.

Of course no one in that system can imagine. I do with a strong belief in God. And asking for help from the right people.

Sending angels to anyone needing strength to ask for the right help. It’s amazing when it works. I always remember to fill heart with compassion for self and all parts. And breathe!

Hope you have a good day. Be curious and give yourself a hug!
God bless everyone.

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