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Rockin Robin

2:30:59 PM

Dear Brenda,

Beautiful, Beautiful Post!!! It really touched me! You are such a wonderful addition to our community! I am thankful for you!!
Blessings sweet sister!!!

Philippians 1:3
I thank my God for every remembrance of you......

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

12:14:00 PM

GRATITUDE: Diving Deeper into it

When I was asked to write a post on the Gratitude page, initially I thought I would list many things that I am especially grateful for. However, that tiny voice inside told me to do something different and go back to basics. So, with that being said........

I started with the basic definition of Gratitude which all are familiar's simply "Giving Thanks".

And then I found this......Gratitude is the art of painting ANY
adversity into a lovely picture. Does anyone in this community have adversity in their life?

Well, consider this.....In order to master any adversity the new science says we must have an Open Mind.

There are 3 stages of Gratitude:
1. RECOGNITION: The 1st step is recognizing that you are
going to be okay.
2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Be honest with yourself
3. APPRECIATION: Remember God is always with you.
Psalm 118:24 states "This is the day that the Lord hath
made; let us rejoice and be glad in it". God's "got this!!"

We live in a time when everyone is on the pursuit of happiness. Each individual has his or her own path this journey takes. For some the search begins online or in books..,.for others it comes through service. But perhaps the most popular form of seeking happiness is through the accumulation of "things".

Most of us in this community realize that materialism is bought at a cost. A society that feels entitled to what it receives does not adequately express Gratitude.

New studies reveal that the lack of Gratitude is contagious and is passed from one generation to the next! Just ponder that thought for a moment. If that is true, then personally I feel it is my duty to become even more aware of those things in my life that I can be even more grateful for.....big and small.

The key is to see All of Life as a gift. God doesn't make mistakes.

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