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Green Lantern and Keto (Timothy)

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8:56:02 AM


I've had two weeks of eating ground beef, which at first felt really good as my body needed the protein, fat and calories but is now taking it's toll on my digestive system, which in turn has knock on effects regarding inflammation and other issues.

From tomorrow I will be on a few days of just salads, cooked vegetables and coconut oil, and will slowly integrate meat in very occassionally into my diet. Perhaps with lemon juice and Apple cider vinegar.

This time round i've needed to adapt to being highly sensitive to high histamine foods that Peter kindly pointed out could be a cause of reactions. Eggs, nightshades and Avocados off the table for now, along with calorific sauces like mayonnaise which contains eggs, has me looking for other ways to bulk out my calories without relying so heavily on meat.

Feeling a little spaced out and not able to focus so clearly today.

Love and peace to you all

9:58:15 AM

Morgellons -

Thank you Tea, absolutely yes, ginger is great for nausea, thank you!
I will start to incorporate coconut oil skin rubs in after baths as well.

Thank you Peter! It could also explain why I was reacting to eggs and products made with eggs. The proteins in the egg whites could be triggering a histamine response.

The red scales, black patches, flaky skin, white pimples and small red scabs above the neck on my face is something that I've not experienced before. Will continue to update.

Will be lowering my meat consumption from next week and upping calories from spoonfuls of coconut oil with vegetables.

Much love and peace

6:38:08 AM

Morgellons -

Hey Timothy

Tea is leading you into some helpful suggestions. I wanted to post here as well, mostly to reassure you and to give you encouragement. Since you mentioned that you are sensitive to Avocados, I need to share something significant with you. Mast cells are also responsible for releasing Histamine into the skin. Here's a picture of how Histamine works. And remember, that to much histamine can fuel symptoms.

Imagine a pin cushion as a cell. When one stores pins in such a cushion, the pins punch holes. This is what Histamine does to tissue. This then allows immune cells to get to the cellular infection. So I want you to know that you may be Histamine sensitive. You should know that Avocados are considered to be a high histamine food. Histamine foods must sometimes be limited. Why, one might ask? Because Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) may be a contributing factor to fueling symptoms in that too many mast cells are activating.

Otherwise, I believe you are again going through a system wide detox, which is, as you well know, the way back. So stay the course, and keep adjusting your diet. Drink half your body weight in ouces of purified water daily. And see that you are eliminating stool daily. This is critical! Monitor pH using strips on your first morning urination too. Your goal us to get between 6.2 and 7.0 on the strip reading. You do this through eating greens. The Logos magnifigreens will be a huge help for alkayzing the internal terrain as well. Hope this helps.


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