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Green Lantern and Keto (Timothy)

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9:11:39 AM

Morgellons -

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and in good spirits.

Two and a half weeks in from the first symptoms of the virus, felt a lot better after two weeks but a return of some of the fatigue and headache the last few days. Moving forward.

In terms of Morgellons, not too much to report. Although there does appear to be some lymes response to taking of the supplements still. Onwards and up.

Sending love to you all

10:35:58 AM


Time for a reboot.

I went through a period of nausea, headaches and dizzyness which Mel reassured me was a herx and gave recommendations on how to navigate.

Since then, it's calmed down a lot and was feeling good.

Mentally, I am preparing myself for a new complication that may need some heavy artillery antibiotics to clear. Mentally, I'm thinking how? why? does it even matter?

Emotionally I dwell on it. Will know results tomorrow evening or potentially in two weeks at the latest. Calming my mind. Tranquility. Ride the tension to growth.

Regardless, the flame has reignited. The antibiotics will be a setback for sure if i have to take them, but it's a marathon not a sprint, but call this a second wind, in battling M and in life.

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