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5:42:22 PM

Thank you Robin, lovely to hear from you.

The headaches and heart issues seems to have abated somewhat. I'll continue to observe. Having a flare up of puritus that I recalled I had a few times before what I considered the time I became aware of M. It's possible it was simmering for a few years before and I guess a trigger tipped over the edge.

Sticking with the SUM, though I hold my hand up and say I've not been perfect on one occassion last week. A reminder.

Hey, just to say I love you all and stand with you through this.

Rockin Robin

5:46:53 PM

Dear Timothy,

Good to hear you again!!!

Seems as if even when you are nearly well , the disease likes to bite back and make several last ditch efforts to bring you down! I have heard several members who are near completion say this!!

I know you have done well, so just grit your teeth and laugh at it!!! You know where you are and your beating this!!!

I wish I was as far along as you!!

So good to have you back!! We need you guys perspective on things!

Heres praying for a final and full recovery for you. Hope to hear you on the calls

In His Love, Rockin Robin

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