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Rockin Robin

10:39:15 PM

Dear Diane,

You did fantastic on your first post!! Way to go girl!!

The Lemon Cleanse is really up to you!! I use a huge insulated glass/cup, it holds 28-32 oz. Somewhere in there, with a lid and straw. I put 2 to 3 Tbs. of lemon and 2 pkgs. of stevia, put half the water in and fill it with ice. Then add rest of water, but I like it strong like lemonade. You will have to experiment to get it like you like it. You put as much red pepper (cayenne) as you can stand for the crawlies. However, I can't take a lot of heat, so I make it bearable and drink or sip on it all day. Really cold is best!!

Mel said he use to freeze it to slushy stage and liked it that way!

I also drink apple cidar vinegar and water the same exact way, except I also add a Tbsp, of cinnamon and a half tsp. of tumeric to it. This is very good for you!!!

Here are the healing teas I rotate and buy, If you buy 1 or 2 each time you shop, you will soon have a good variety!

Red Rooibus Ginger & Lemon Green Tea

Peppermint Moringa Tea Dandylion & Coconut

There are others too!! The Dandylion comes in plain, or with coconut, or with chocolate mint, these Dandylion ones replace coffee because these are strong and taste like coffee

I put vanilla or chocolate unsweetened almond milk in mine and a stevia pkg. and good!!

Plus we can't have sugar so the unsweetened chocolate almond milk in a glass with 1 stevia is great to curb a sweet craving!!

I get all this at my local grocery store HEB, but you can find it online too.

Be sure to load up on raw nuts for snack and raw fresh ground almond butter. They have it in a jar too, but HEB grinds the fresh nuts for me and I shop on-line & my son picks it up at curbside. Pecans, almonds and shelled pumpkin seedsare great!! The critters don't like the pumpkin seeds so be careful how many you eat at first. I went hog wild and got a reaction the first time!!

Hope this helps!! So happy you both are here!!

Rockin Robin

9:25:58 PM

Hello Robin,
Thank you for that post of foods,I put in on our fridge. Can you please explain the amounts in the Lemon cleanse ? How much water to lemon juice,etc..Thanks for helping.

Diane and Paul

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