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freddie Bean

2:13:59 PM

I went out and bought some Cayenne pepper yesterday and made myself some Lemonade Cleanse... WOW! mine packed a punch I think I over did on the pepper somewhat.

I remember that burn when I was given a whisky shot in my younger days!

So I suggest if like me you have bought the cayenne loose and not in a capsule add a little.. sip..

Mel Says (SLOW AND STEADY, When ever trying something New, remember just a little to begin with.)

then keep doing this until you have the desired taste/ heat factor.

This evening I made it with warm water I much prefer it warm especially now the nights are drawing in, this is going to be my Hot Toddy... minus the whisky of course ;)

Freddie x

8:37:14 AM

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome,

After last weeks conference call, in which we discussed the Lemonade cleanse I used way back when,
I decided to published it in two threads.

"Lemon Elixir/ AKA /Lemonade Cleanse" and "Something to help with crawlies", there in lies the very best information used by myself and others with options!

Please read them both and then decide your best course of action.

always remember when trying ANYTHING new, just a little, slow and steady.

God bless you all,
It is true that those who did not give up HOPE got well.

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