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6:38:21 PM
Just look at Mr Mel showing off!

Mel I must say you look absolutely amazing now and then!

The blessing of this protocol will help to keep you young,

That is all,



9:00:38 AM
1959 The beatles had nothing on me

Hi Karen and Chrissie,

Karen, it is so good to hear from you. I hope everything is well with you.

Mel, you look great and I am so hopeful and thankful to be following in your footsteps. Sometimes people say I look younger than I am but recently not so much. I look forward to the day when I am asked for ID.

Blessings and love,

7:16:08 PM
I love your new hat Mel

Hey, Chrissie!

Mel has provided yet another reason for getting better...we will all get carded again after the Logos supplements work their magic!


2:26:41 PM

Hi Everybody,

Well...I've been kind of MIA here on the site, but I talk to Mel on a regular basis.

I talked to him on the day this happened, and it was hilarious. He was REALLY excited about it. We didn't skype, but you could hear the joy in his voice...and I'd expressed hope that he didn't hurt his face smiling.

According to this legendary story of being carded in the grocery store to check for his Senior Citizen, Mel is not only not getting older...he may actually be reverse aging!

Here's a pic of him hurting his face smiling a few years back...a look he may soon be recapturing due to his strict adherence to his Logos Nutritionals protocol.

Way to go Mel!



chrissie **

1:32:10 PM
Happy healthy and staying young

I spoke with Mel this week and he was on Skype. He looked tanned, happy and he has lost eleven pounds recently. Well done re that Mel it suits you :-).

He told me a great wee story about going to his local grocery store . He was actually asked for ID to prove that he is a senior at the age of seventy four!!!! This was so he could go to the front of the line due to the corona virus situation.

Well Mel told me with a big smile on his face that the guy looking at his ID said that he looks better now than he did when the picture was taken many years ago!!! That comment made Mel's week!

Mel has always said how wonderful the Logos Protocol is for our general health, vitality and to keep our youthfulness.

So each pill that you take isn't just helping in the fight against this disease. it's also replenishing the whole body via vitamins and nutrients that our body really needs, especially as we age.

Thank God for Logos Nutritionals :-)