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7:12:39 PM

Wishing Everyone Happy New Year!!!

Let this year be a new beginning for us all no matter where we are! God has plans for us all, good plans. We can all be strong no matter where we are. Let’s take a stand, to keep restoring our health, for remembering how much we are all loved, truly blessed and to have a positive outlook for 2021!!

God Loves you and He’s always walking with you! Keep Him first and you’ll be amazed how much better your journey will be!!


6:05:24 AM
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Dear friends,

This is a post to our close knit regular community. There are many of us who meet up regularly at prayer group to worship together and for fellowship.

Over the years we have gotten to know each other and care for each other.

We understand each others difficulties and we celebrate any healing or success that comes members way.

It is a comfort that we all care for each other.

I'm sending this message to you all.

Sending love to you all this New Years Day.

Be well, stay strong and God Bless each and every one of you.

Chrissie and Holly

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