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11:04:29 AM

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Dear All,

I am thankful to say that I will be a recipient of The HCAF Scholarship this September. I'm humbled and very excited to be joining. I'm thankful to Mel for his support and to all that have donated and or continue to donate.

This community has brought me a lot of hope and I am definitely honored to be joining as I can be confident to finish the protocol and
be a healthier, healed person by the end.

Also, to have gained new friendships and knowledge on how to truly take care of my temple and to even help others when I'm better, or along the way. I've already started seeing results!

Again, thank you Mel for your insight and inspiration to start this program and keep it running no matter what, and thank you to the Angel givers out there. I know that God sees all that you do!

Best regards,

Rockin Robin
10:09:17 PM

Morgellons - Please Lord. I've dreamt about a clinic since Feb 3rd 2009
Please Lord. I've dreamt about a clinic since Feb 3rd 2009

Hello Everyone,

There are many wonderful facets to this website and community, but the best one is the HCAF. This organization is a non-profit established to help those less fortunate be able to get much needed medicine for toxic diseases. It is supported by donations from people who are compassionate and care about others.

Whether they know it or not, they are supreme examples of the good in this world and show compassion and a humanitarianism that is the finest of examples. The definition of humanitarian is someone who is concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare and ease human suffering.

This is also a way to serve God and definitely aligns with His will in the way we should treat and care for others.

God bless those who donate. Some people give sizable donations and some whatever they can afford. Nothing is too small to give. In the Bible, the widow gave a widow's mite which was not much at all, but in God's eyes, it was huge because it was all she had, That is how we should give.

Think about sacrificing the price of a meal once a week or maybe one meal out, once a month and make it a monthly donation. If you give now, think about an increase, even if it is small. Invest in other's lives! It is truly the best investment ever; you will be blessed for it.

There are so many areas where we could cut some corners and sacrifice and make a one-time or monthly donation. Every single cent is so appreciated and put to healing someone with a toxic disease.

Please think about donating to this unselfish, wonderful organization and show you care. It feels so good to give and help others! And, it does not go unnoticed by God! Serve Him gladly!!

Tell others about this organization and maybe others will come and also donate. Pray for the HCAF to grow and prosper, so it can help others who are in need.

Please remember the HCAF! Thank you so much to those who so generously donate! You are truly a blessing and so very, very much appreciated!!

Grateful and Humbly Yours,
Rockin Robin

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