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8:09:10 AM

Hello to Linda, Tea and Robin!

Thanks all for your kind messages. Holly's been poorly the last few days, she always is after her monthly flea treatment. Boo hoo it's a necessary evil sadly. What can we do other than do the best we can for them.

Linda I loved the picture of Zee and Dandy cuddling, so so beautiful. I know Dandy the calico is a wee monkey and gets up to all sorts of mischief when looking for attention (Holly is the same, we have to have eyes on the back of our heads!!). But how those two cats love one another!!! It is very sweet! I'm thinking of you as I know it's not long till you start your new job and hope everything is moving along well so that the transition will be smooth! You will be soo nice to all the patients anf they will warm to your gentle nature, I just know it :-).

Tea, I hope you are taking care and that your health is doing good! I also hope your daughter has settled in at university. I know that transition isn't easy for either of you!

Robin, hope you are well! Thanks for telling us all about little Pikachu, how sweet!!!!! Yep I know that too well, Holly would like to roll in mud, but a bath with clean water... No way Jose :-).

Love Chrissie and Holly (woof).

8:55:57 AM

Hi Chrissie and Holly. Holly I hope you are feeling better. It must have been frightening for both of you.

Holly is a beautiful girl. I hope by now all the noise is gone and you have peace and quiet again Chrissie.

You sounded very well in the prayer call and I'm so appreciative of your kind words.

Blessings to you and Holly

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