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5:20:00 PM

Dear Chrissie,

Cheryl texted me today to alert me to the fact that I somehow completely missed your post to me!!! I have no idea how that actually happened! I’m so sorry that it took me this long to respond!

I so wish you lived in the States, Chrissie. I’m sure everyone wishes that! You’d have access to better healthcare, that is for sure. I wish you had had an American surgeon work on you this last time. There are probably a lot more services for people recovering from surgery here, too. Every time I try to imagine how you had to take public transportation to medical facilities, it just makes me angry. I am no longer truly a fan of Western medicine at all anymore. Pretty much 90% of the procedures and medications I took before two years ago were like poison to my body. I certainly cannot go back to birth in a time machine and do my life over again, but I can fight, fight, fight to get my body back in balance and not make the same mistakes ever again. I think you are an incredible warrior for all you have been through...and so has Holly been.

I have about a week and a half left in New England. I thought I would be more emotional about leaving, but that hasn’t happened. I will certainly miss being able to see my friends, but I will certainly keep in touch with them. I’m sure some will visit as well.

I really enjoyed our last Skype chat...hopefully we can have another once I settle in to my new life. I’m so happy that I will be five minutes away from an organic farm and reasonably close to a Sprouts. Both Peter and Mel and others on the forum have given that store a serious thumbs up. Everything I eat now is organic, and I am shocked at the lack of choices where I live. New England has an incredibly short growing season, which is a huge problem.

Once again, I did not intentionally neglect your post...I just missed it somehow! I will chalk that one up to brain fog, even though I have a lot less of that lately.

I’m sending you a big hug and my love!


9:27:40 PM

Dearest Cheryl,

I honestly hope that I will pick up quite a few charming Southern expressions once I have been in North Carolina for awhile! The move is less than three weeks away! Eek!!!

And I will be closer to you than I am now, that is for sure! I am sad that I am leaving Maria and Donald who both live very close to me. I’m thrilled that I was actually able to see Maria once, even though it was through a glass door!

There are so many wonderful people like you that I would love to meet in person and give them HUGE HUGS! I hope you and Sonny are doing well!

Love you!!!


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