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Hello my name is Karon

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4:11:53 PM

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Hello All,

Thank You, Laurie, Linda, Karianne and Joe for the info on the baking powder! I really appreciate you all!

Thank You all for your encouraging/reassuring words and prayers for me and my mom! I really don't have the words for how grateful I'am.You all taking time to encourage others, give helpful tips on what to eat and how to live, while many of you are suffering yourselves or have suffered through this!

Being part of this website and community is a breath of fresh air. Before becoming part of this community, Even though me and my mom had each other and were both going through this. We had no knowledge of what we had, If there was a cure and if would we ever get rid of it, because the Dr.s' had no clue! Just knowing there is hope is a lifeline!

Karianne and Joe- Thank you for the warm welcome! You asked me what baked goods I was making. It was the ( no corn) cornbread and coconut bread on our website that called for baking powder. I think the main ingredients were coconut flour and almond flour and eggs.

8:38:08 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Karon ,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply to us all, much appreciated:-).

You honestly don't need to say sorry if it took a little while to respond to our post. Each and every person here understands how difficult this disease is. People can get worn out and tired very, very easily. Especially at the beginning of your healing journey it can be super, super tough to navigate.

We are just glad you and your mum are here to get the help and support that you both need. And it makes a huge difference not being alone in it.

Take care and look forward to speaking to you more,

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