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Nancy S

9:41:49 AM

Welcome to the most wonderful place to be when you are suffering and don’t know what is wrong!

We are glad you are here.
Please know we understand and will help anyway we can.

There is nobody better than Mel and God to help you. It is a hard road to travel it has highs and lows! You have to read, read and follow through, and most of all don’t give up!

Praying for all to have a full recovery just remember it does not happen over night.

Everyone is different so Mel helps you understand through coaching on what you are dealing with and what to do.

Don’t try things that may be harmful or make it worse.

You will met wonderful people from all over the world. Looking forward to hearing from you on the Saturday and Sunday calls!

We have been where you are and know how scary it can be! Be brave and let us help!

God’s Blessings to all.

2:28:23 PM

I also wanted to take a second to welcome the newbies! I still feel like one myself, hard to believe it's been 8 months since I began the protocol. Time is really flying!

From my experience, I'd like to stress the importance of diet and taking your supplements on time. Please make sure you follow everything to the letter. You will be tempted to cheat and eat things you shouldn't but it's just not worth it. You're only feeding the disease. There are plenty of recipes and posts on what we should be eating, you can also ask Mel or any of us in the community. Think about what's most important - temporary pleasure or getting your life back!

Also, when it comes to supplements, I find it easier just to set reminders/alarms on my phone. This way I know I won't forget. Follow the list exactly and when it's time to start on WPS Mel will let you know.

Another thing that I find very helpful - BE A PART OF THE COMMUNITY! Join us on Saturday for information and Sunday's for prayer. Although we might not like going through this disease, we get to have fellowship and worship our Lord and Savior! You will feel much better being in fellowship with other Christians who totally understand what you're going through!

God Bless!


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