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Rockin Robin

4:03:54 PM
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Hello you guys "Down Under",

Wanted to say Hi to Sue, Fionna, Duane and anyone else down under tuning in!!

Welcome to new comers and hello to those who have been here a while.

Sue, for me, the Sulfer Soap has worked miracles for my body! I shower with it every time and shampoo my hair with it. Most all of us on the website use it!! Also, the Sovereign Silver is perfect to put in your eyes, ears, nose for the crawlies and take orally (1 teaspoon) morning and night. It really saved my eyes!! Keep posting Sister! Its good to have a new friend!

Fionna, we are so glad your here! Don't be afraid to post and ask questions. Keep in touch with Mel, do coaching if you can. And, come to the free phone calls on Sat. & Sun., you will learn a lot!! In the meantime, READ, READ, READ in the website!!!
Hugs Sister!!

Duane, I don't know you yet, but it is so nice to have more men in our community Let us know if we can help and post if you can!!

Love and Hugs to all you sufferers down under!! Don't forget us, we are here for you and we care!!!

Til Later,
In His Love,
Rocking Robin
Texas Gal
Susanne Lascelles

8:12:15 PM

Hello to everyone reading this thread,

It's Sue Down under.

I have only posted once but have been on the MD case for a few years but steadily i think getting better.

I Have had a lot of stress and family deaths and fighting wills etc, all these things not that helpful to kicking MD sideways.

However I have finally resigned from a stressful job and moved towards my grandkids, have yet to find a house etc and in this climate is tough going in Auckland.

BUT...light is always at the end of the tunnel if you stick to the protocols. I am wondering if anyone in NZ has been able to import the supplements as I would still love to do that, as opposed to using the parallel I'm doing. I am always not totally sure that have the best fit, so to speak.
Mel says (Talk with me more often, John and I will do our best to get as close as possible, with what you are able to buy.there have been additions to our protocol since we first helped you create the original. )

And John K, I remember well the great conversation we had a while back . Sounds like you have done extremely well with that right mental attitude. Well done "mate".

Now representing Kleen Green Down Under and can be reached at;

I see you have sulphur soap as part of your package John K...does this work for people? I have used it for ages and io do wonder if it is actually doing any good? (know we are all different)

Was great to see the tip about silver in ears (Duane). I did not know that, so gonna try that one.

Mel I'm going to catch up with your really soon.

Love to all,.
Go well,

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