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8:49:57 AM

Good Morning Down under,

I hope nobody takes offense, but I consider both A and NZ Down
under. First let me asked those who are reading this thread to scroll down to the bottom of the thread to see over a decade of helping other's restore their health.

There is hope here

We offer free weekend calls that are full of life saving information as well as a comradely environment where everybody else understands what you are going through.

we have added clocks around the world to better coordinate anyone wishing coaching.If you have purchased coaching and have not used it, now's the time!

I say hello to Teresa and little charlie,who is now a young man.

I say hello to Sonja who restored her health and celebrated by
going to Greece.

I say hello to John, who now represents Kleen Green Down under!

Phiona, you qualified for free coaching, please take advantage of that, so I may assist you in your restoration!!

So as I always say "MORE COMMUNICATION IS BETTER", so try and join in when ever possible!

There are many others just read the thread.

God bless,

9:02:31 AM
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Hello Down Under,

Gee, it's been a awful long time since I posted in this thread!

First let me say Good bye and good luck to Duane, I certainly hope you are better!!! You know you still can call me anytime, no charge as you never used your coaching up!

I have been dealing with Australia and New Zealand for over a decade. the tricky part is getting the time difference worked out!!

I suggest that for you all you consider this; Friday in the USA is Saturday down under I will always take calls from down under on your Friday and Saturday evening Between which is 8pm and 10pm your time, and will be Saturday and Sunday mornings 6 am and 8 am PDT.

Also between Saturday and Sunday mornings 6 am till 8 am your time.,which is 5 pm and 7 pm PDT. which is Friday and Saturday Evenings Here.

As well as during my posted coaching hours, which is always posted under the one on one coaching icon (The Phone.)

Confused, well try the google time zone converter!

Next hello SUE, listen you you have told me many times you are calling, but no calls, please use your coaching!!!!!

A warm welcome to Fionna, You young lady qualified for free coaching, so please figure out how to use it, I know we have Skyped.

Any one else who is new, know we have helped people from down under and have restored the health of many for over a decade, and I am here to help!

Remember our Saturday conference calls are recorded and a wonderful source of current information, Just go to sub heading

Last but not least is John, Now representing Kleen Green Down Under and can be reached at;

God bless,

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