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Rockin Robin

9:16:01 AM

Dear Suedownunder,

Hey Girl !! So good to hear from you. I am sincerely glad you are better! If you are faithful to " THE SUM OF THE PARTS ", You will continue to get better and better.

Mel and I recommend taking Magnifical and Joint Marvel together from John's company, LOGOS NUTRITIONALS.
I can vouch for both and the Joint Marvel is a miracle for me!

I had pain all the time in my knees, especially getting up and down. Three days on Joint Marvel and the pain disappeared. As long as I take it, I have no pain. I ran out once and it took a while to get more and the pain came back. Couldn't wait to get my Joint Marvel again!

I told Mel I was gonna post to you and he said to tell you to CALL HIM !! He will help.

The cobweb feeling and movement is common with Morgellons and also with bird mites which I was exposed to in the beginning, when I caught this. We experience lots of weird stuff. Some the same and sometimes different from anyone else. Don't worry over it too much. It will pass eventually.

HUGS dear sister and hang in there! You are winning, but it does take time! Wishing you all the best, Blessings be poured out on you!!

Love & Hugs,
Your Sister In Christ,
Rockin Robin

10:24:29 AM

Hi all.

Shin pain

I don't seem to get around to posting much but like you all am battling away.

I am definitely a lot better than when i started but am consistently struggling with shin and surrounding area pain. I think it is perhaps the little devils in my bone. Am wondering if any one else has had this problem and if they have any tricks up their collective sleeves which helped eased the pain a bit.
I have tried to trick the Morgs with various essential oils, tried warmth and ice packs, massage, surfing in cold water as often as the summer will allow, i was walking 1 and half hours a day but have had to give up that until i can get the bursitis better. I seem to remember Peter talking about having trouble with his ankles toward the latter part of his recovery and i wondered if maybe i am getting that lucky.

Any ideas welcome as the pain is tricky and often keeps me awake at night. Apart from pain is also feeling of cobwebs on my legs (maybe nerves or the critters under skin). I did have the lemon cleanse before bed as Mel suggested but anything else gratefully accepted.

I read everyone's contributions. So valuable. Great people.

Go well and be safe from Sue Down Under NZ

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