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Help for Insomnia

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9:52:50 AM

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Hello Laura
Hi , hope you are feeling good...
I read your post about the tart cherry ??,
I am interested in hearing if it's helpful with
Sleep ..
I know Peter said it was good for a few
Things if not many , I don't have my notes
Handy , but I'm always interested in learning
All I can that will help things to be a bit more
Sufficient and maybe a tad easier ..
I'm on my seventh month of the protocol
Now and I am so thankful to mel and all
Those who help us not only to learn how to
Manage and get well but help the foundation
As well ..
I am still in the beginning of my healing
Journey and I'm looking forward to seeing
Changes for the better in the near future..
Unfortunately I'm seeming to have additional
Health challenges now , so it's not just
Morgellons anymore but all I can say is one
Step at a time , and trust in God who is our
Very present help in time of trouble ..
So that's my blessed hope and my strength ..
So I just wanted to reach out and say hello ,
And wish you well on your journey !!
I hope your getting better daily and you
Recover fully very soon !
God Bless !

8:53:39 AM

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for the recommendation. To follow up on Laura's question, in regards to the protocol, shall we take this two hours before bed to avoid any issues of the Vitamin C interfering with the nightly WPS?

I've found an organic tart cherry juice, but it has 13g of sugar per 100g, is this outside of the ranges you've purchased?

8:44:33 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Laura

Hope all is well with you. You most certainly can mix Tart Cherry Juice with water or other juices. I believe it is usually concentrated so this is likely best. And as someone who has been in remission for some time now, I want to "Thank you" for the beautiful scriptures you share.... and for continuing to bring your presence and your wisdom to support this community and this protocol. You are a blessing!


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