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Nancy S

8:52:10 AM


Do you know, we do not have heat?
We have a couple small heaters, what is the best temperature to help our home? Never been in this kind of atmosphere before.We live in the country and a lot of water around us

My husband will not move and it still working full time at age 74 just to keep things going.

He was in army in the 60’s bad war,The war sort of changed a lot about him.
It is Hard to understand how he thinks, but he is a good person.

5:30:10 PM

Nancy. I'm so happy that you found this amazing website and are doing all the steps to restoring your health.

Come to the weekend calls. You will always come away learning something new and the other people here are so caring and helpful. Please call Mel for coaching. It is invaluable. Slow and steady really does win the race.

Take care and know that many here care and are praying for your healing.

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