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4:02:45 PM
There's Mel's Celery again

Hello, Linda!

I hope you and Mackenzie are doing well. She must be very close to graduation day!

Yes, urinary issues do seem to be tied to digestive issues.

I’m actually recovering from the first cold or sinus infection (not sure which) that I have had in the five years since my Lyme and MD made their grand entrance, although I may have had both longer than that. I even ran a fever of a little over 100, which is also something that never happens to me. I think that’s a fairly good sign that my immune system is in better shape than it was.

The other thing I would recommend for your gut is to drink fresh organic celery juice every morning. I’ve been doing that for several months now, and I think it makes a significant difference. The investment in a juicer is worth it, and celery isn’t too expensive.

Take care of yourself, my friend, and God bless!

9:42:54 PM

Hi Jamie.
How good to hear from you!!! It sounds like you are doing well. Thank you for the tip.

I will check this out. My dr. Says this is being caused by the digestion issues I'm experiencing, strange but what isn't in this situation.

I miss you and am glad to hear things are going well.

Take care.

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