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3:43:00 PM

Lol...yes Freddie, he's a looker alright. I've seen him in person and can vouch for same.

These pix are hilarious...but his stories of his time living in Manhattan especially in his Studio 54 days are even wilder. We should get him to tell the story of how he jumped from the balcony of at club Le Jardan to join in a fist fight to defend the honor of a celebrity he'd actually grown up with in the Florida Keys.

I'm sure Mel had a large time brawling because even at age 74 he's got more energy and sass than anyone I know at any age. I've often told him I shudder to think about what he was like when he was young and in his prime before he got hit by a drunk driver. I'm sure he was a force to be reckoned with though a sweet heart at the same time. One's core personality doesn't change...and Mel has a very kind heart under his gruffness.

Here's a pic of Mel modeling some pants...with a look on his face that would melt paint.


Fredddie bean

9:24:03 AM
1960 fourteen yrs. old and running wild in Manhattan

Those eyes are to die for on the photo Mel ...

Loving the knitted sweater (wish I could Knit)

Freddie x
Fredddie bean **

11:55:17 AM
Hey Good lookin


I haven't Skype Mel since he has lost a few pounds and I was truly taken back, you could see those fine cheek bones and his lovely clear skin.

I can see how you got into modelling Mel.... How about you showing us a few more photos of yourself :)

Also could we have more stories from you on Sundays, I bet you have lots you could share with us about modelling and filming.

"Getting older, it is like climbing a mountain, you get a little out of breath but the view is so much better" :)

Freddie x