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11:29:08 PM

Amen Robin!

We have to take the good and the bad to keep growing in Christ!

The devil is on the prowl and we have to stand tall and encourage each other. He goes from one thing to the next but when we keep God first and keep smiling he doesn’t have a chance.

Thank God for Mel he doesn’t give up on himself or us

God is so wonderful to connect us together so we can lift each other up!

Praise Jesus
Rockin Robin

3:52:07 PM

Hello My Dear Brothers And Sisters,

I post a lot, but rarely post about my healing journey. I've been a little remiss in that. goes!!

When I first came to the website and found Mel, I was experiencing many horrible symptoms, and was in a very dark place. Yes, me.... happy go lucky, positive, Rockin Robin. The disease had me depressed and pulled down so far, I couldn't see daylight!! This is the nice way to put it!!!!!

But.........I did find Mel and his glorious website and finally I did find help!!!! I also found a world of friendships!!

In the beginning, it was a lot and a little overwhelming. However, I soon learned to take one day at a time, one hour at a time, even one min. at a time. I added stuff slowly, started diet and protocol; I learned what to do gradually and how to relieve symptoms. Slow and steady is what Mel says and it is true! You can't do it all in a day.

I participated in everything and when 3 months rolled around I was better and could see this working. Then, 6 months came and the disease was so manageable and I could not believe where I was compared to where I had been!! Glory Hallelujah!!! Thank you Mel !!

The thing I want you to know, especially if your new is that it does take time for your body to heal!! Everything we are doing and time is the key!! We are battling years of poor diets. I thought I ate healthy!! Hahaha!! Never realized how much sugar I put in my body on a daily basis! Yes, I was raised on a farm and we ate lots of veges. But, I also ate lots of foods with high carbs. I was uneducated about food in reality. I had asthma, terrible allergies " that deplete your immune system " and later developed diabetes.

If you have sicknesses of any kind it will wear on your immune system and bring it down. Then you add an unusual tick bite at age 15 (which probably game me dormant Lyme for years), and then bird mites where I was living and a spider's bite on my neck which these two probably activated the Lyme inside me, and you have a recipe for a devastated immune system!!!

On top of all of this, a doctor gave me antibiotics ( which destroyed what little immune system I had left because it destroys the good along with the bad) and I wound up with C-Def and nearly died from it!

SO....when my body found Mel, I was in bad shape!!! And it just takes time to rebuild all that God created within us. I had poisoned my body and treated it pretty roughly. Time and Mel's coaching is the prescription!!!

I do still experience symptoms from time to time, but not often. I now know what to do to alleviate them. This disease is a road of ups and downs as you will see, it is a battle! But we have our own weapons, Mel's coaching, and God on our side!

In addition to all this, I have found the most caring group of people, such valuable friendships, I see God's hand in and on this website and I am uplifted daily being a part of it.

During my journey, God has drawn me so close to Him, he is filling me with wisdom, making all my relationships so much more special, giving me words to write and say, giving me a children's book to publish, poems to write all the time and many opportunities to share Him with others, to praise and worship Him with others, to become an intercessor with the power of payer and to make my life more meaningful than it has ever been.......all because I caught a terrible disease!! Funny.......huh? Our Father is AMAZING !!!

Let's be clear, God is not the author of sickness, evil, or anything negative. But, He will sometimes allow things to happen for His divine purpose. He does not cause them, but He can take them and make something GOOD come out or from them!! He is the God of " The Impossible Made Poosible " !! Thank You Jesus !!

Mel has told me before that when many get well here, they often see and know why they had to go through it, and that they are grateful for all they have learned and wouldn't change a thing of their journey. Pretty dadgum awesome!!!
This will make you start thinking!!!

Paul says in the bible ( Philippians 4:11-13 ) I have learned to be content in whatever situation. I feel like Paul and I will look forward to each new day to battle this disease and do whatever God lays out for me to do, see, and learn. I am a child of God, a warrior, and the victory is mine!!!!

Thank you for letting me ramble and share, hope this helps lift and encourage you!!!

Much Love Dear Freinds
Rockin Robin

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