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Hi everybody

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8:31:51 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Cathy,

It is nice to see your post and your kitty is beautiful. I don't post a lot either, I fear I don't always make sense. But I also get on the website every day and read everyone's posts and am so appreciative when people post.

You sounded stronger on the call and I am so happy for you that you're getting consulting with Mel.

Take care and give your cat a hug.


9:48:04 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Cathy,

Just wanted to say how lovely your kitty is, and how glad I am you posted! So good to hear from you.

I pray for your recovery, as I pray for the recovery of everyone on this website, and on the calls. I have become a believer in the power of prayer since coming down with this disease.

I have a charming feline and sweet pooch at home and will maybe post photos of my buddies, too!

hugs, Maria

6:16:28 PM

Hello Cathy!

It's so good to hear that you are making progress and beginning slowly but surely to get better:-).

I was pleased to hear your voice on Saturday's conference call as you sounded well and you were giggling away, cracking jokes. That is always a good sign isn't it.

Your cat is lovely as is Jamie's and what a great picture of Freddie's cat Michael looking at Kitty.... Priceless!!

Holly says she doesn't approve and we need some good pictures of dogs on the site now to balance things out :-).

All the best
Chrissie and a disgruntled Holly (woof).

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