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Hi everybody

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9:16:15 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Cathy,

It is nice to see your post and your kitty is beautiful. I don't post a lot either, I fear I don't always make sense. But I also get on the website every day and read everyone's posts and am so appreciative when people post.

You sounded stronger on the call and I am so happy for you that you're getting consulting with Mel.

Take care and give your cat a hug.


10:32:27 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Cathy,

Just wanted to say how lovely your kitty is, and how glad I am you posted! So good to hear from you.

I pray for your recovery, as I pray for the recovery of everyone on this website, and on the calls. I have become a believer in the power of prayer since coming down with this disease.

I have a charming feline and sweet pooch at home and will maybe post photos of my buddies, too!

hugs, Maria

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