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Hope is a Good Thing

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8:53:06 AM

Morgellons -

Me too Jamie!

I love that movie...and I'd posted a clip from it a year or so ago. It was the scene where Andy found the opera record and played it on the prison PA system. I still get choked up when I see that part because it seems to bypass personalities and circumstances and reveal how we're all connected through our just seemed to elevate everyone to a higher level.

I've often thought about how Andy finally he dug that hole over the years and then got rid of the dirt a little at a time just through carrying it in the cuffs of his pants out to the prison yard...a little at a time over the years.

All of that effort and consistency equaled success at the end...and that is so much like our journeys...except our task is actually do-able (though challenging)...digging a hole of that size and getting rid of the dirt that way obviously was only successful in a movie. However...the theme of it is so much like what we're going through. many are already on the other side and others of us are close enough to hear their laughter on the other side of the tunnel.

See you on the other side!



11:33:47 AM

Morgellons -


Thank you!

God knows exactly what we need and when we need it!

This post has touched me deeply, reminding me not to lose sight!

My hope and joy are found in the Lord as I continue my journey over this mountain, in His strength, to the full healing that awaits me and to every one of us that does not give up the HOPE!
As you wrote, Karen, 'Feel it deeply and hold onto it tightly in your heart.'

That I will do!

In His love, Tracy

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