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Rockin Robin

2:43:33 PM

Hi Yolanda!

Welcome!! I'm Robin and we are so very glad you are here!

If you have Morgellons, you are in the right place!!
There is so much information here, I spent the first month reading, reading, reading!

There are also lots of people who have gone thru or are going thru what you are. We are all willing to help! Just post your questions, and go to the search engine, it has lots of answers and info. you need!!

Start coaching with Mel if possible, he is the best and can answer all your questions!!! He will put you on a successful path to healing!! Trust Him!!! All the advice he has ever given me was true, correct, and worked!!!

I wash my clothes with WPS ( Sodium Chlorite & Citric Acid ) 20 drops of each. Mix in a short glass, glass, wait 2 or 3 min. til it turns golden or brownish. Add to machine by running water filling machine, rinse glass. Let fill and start agitating, you want it mixed up well!!

DO NOT, repeat DO NOT add clothes, sheets etc... until it has agitated for a min. and mixed well!! otherwise you will have tie-dyed clothes!! Add clothes & let wash. COLD WATER!!
If you have a soak cycle on your machine even better, you can soak for a while then let it wash.

I had an old machine and now a new one and have learned tricks to help with soaking. I used to soak clothes for 30 min in solution. before washing. Don't have to do that now!!

I then wash them in Kleen Green 1/3 to 1/2 cup per load!! WARM WATER !! We are all different, but this has worked for me!! It may take a couple of washings to get them all out, it did for me. But, you will eventually be free!!

You will experiment with different things to find what works best for you and your symptoms!

Hopefully, you know about the Protocol, Kleen Green, and Sovereign Silver! If you don't, and you have Morgellons, you will want them!!

There is HOPE & WELLNESS here and many loving. compassionate friends! Be sure to come to the conference calls on Sat. & Sun., I learned so much and most times you are able to ask questions!!

Hang in there, it is not an easy journey, but because of this website and community, I don't fear or dread anything anymore and look forward to being a part of this fantastic group of people from all over the world!!!

Once Again, WELCOME !!

Hugs, Your Sister In Christ,
Rockin Robin

11:49:01 AM
Community members are in the hightest percentage of those who restore their health!

Hello Yolanda and Welcome,

I never boiled the sheets, here you will learn many ways to address most all your needs!

Try putting just the word "laundry" in our search engine.
Next just the word "cleaning" in the search engine.
Last for now put the words "cleaning environment'!

Come to our free weekend calls, the information can be found in "More Communication".

There you will receive information on Saturdays calls and have an opportunity to interact with community members on Sundays prayer and fellowship calls.

Everyone is welcome here!
Good luck, God bless,
Yolanda **

7:32:11 PM
How to clean your clothes and environment please?
Welcome, you have found the right place.


I am new to this forum. It is wonderful to see the hope for Morgellons. At the moment I am boiling all my sheets and clothes to kill these fibres. I would like to know is there a better way to do it please? I've heard to use MMS, how to use it please? e.g how many drops?

Many thanks!