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How long did it take you to get completely cured ?

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8:49:18 AM

Hi Jane,

I have to pretty much second everything that's been said so far - Following the Sum of the Parts is very important. Be very strict on your diet. I know it's hard, but it will become like a second nature over time. Trust me, you will get used to it.

I've been on the protocol for 15 months and while I still have symptoms, I'm much better than before. I have crawling and still some bites. There are some days where I barely feel a thing.

My suggestion is to really focus on this protocol if you want your health back. Everyone's body is different and there is no set time for healing. Some are healed in a matter of months while others can take a couple of years. There are so many different factors involved.

Take care and reach out if you have any further questions!


11:52:47 AM
Morgellons - How long did it take you to get completely cured ?

Hi Jane,
I’m very sorry you are struggling. Please know that in time you too will feel better. I’ve been on the protocol for 5 months and I am feeling wonderful. I have little to no symptoms. They go away a little at a time. Anxiety and insomnia are very common symptoms that will ease as you get better.
Some things that helped me are; sleepy time tea just before bed and CBD/THC. I vape cannabis as opposed to using gummies because it gets into your system faster. I take two puffs while in bed and it knocks me out. There are also Logos supplements for sleep and anxiety. They are called two different things but they are same supplements (Anxietame, Sleep Advance). This may help as well.

You will feel better as time passes. You really really need to stick with the protocol Including the diet. It’s very important to stay away from sugar, carbs and dairy. It’s not worth the aggravation to eat poorly.

We are all here for you! Stay strong and have hope.


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