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I don't know how I contracted this!!!

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8:59:39 AM

Morgellons - Our website comes with helpful Angels
Our website comes with helpful Angels

Hi Mrs B,

I am sorry that you have gotten this illness and that your sister and brother are affected too.

Rest assured, we will do all that we can to help you. I am glad that you have reached out to us.

Firstly, I am sad to say that its highly unlikely that an infectious disease doctor will help you. I went to one re the NHS in UK and he did not even take a skin scraping. They assume its psychological or scabies or something like that. It is terribly distressing to go to them. They do not have the knowledge of this disease.

You have come to the right place here, there is such a wealth of knowledge in this website. People here are at various stages in their recovery and others have recovered and stick around to help others.

I will tell you this, if you can at all afford to get the logos protocol then I urge you to get it. It is a wonderful synergy of nutrients, vitamins,enzymes, probiotics, omega fats etc etc that work together to help build up the bioterrain.

You need to fight this first and foremost from the inside out. Topical products like sulphur soap and kleen green are very helpful too.

Tell your sister and brother to get Kleen Green concentrate , dilute it seven to one with water in a spray bottle and spray their scalp and head. It really helps with the crawling sensation. They can also splash their heads under cold water. This disease does not like that much. I would also urge them to take internal medicine re the protocol also.

Drink lemon water, this disease does not like lemons.

Follow a low carb diet and cut out sugar, alcohol, cigarettes. Follow the, 'sum of the parts,' as laid out in this website.

There are many people who are not sure how they got this. I got it from bird mites, others from spiders, fleas, gardening. However, if your immunity had been strong in the first place it would not have taken hold. Many of us had Lyme and Co infections before contracting Morgellons. Something took out our immunity, first which made us susceptible.

If your husband, kids and parents have all a strong immune system, they should be fine. However, I would avoid unnecessary contact, until you start getting your compromised immunity back on track.
You can also use Kleen Green to clean your environment. It's non toxic and safe.

Try and get enough rest.

Hang in there and take good care,

Leslie Williams
9:23:09 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Mrs B!

I have not posted in a longggggggg time but wanted to stop by to say hello and welcome to the form.

I guarantee and put my life on the line that you have found a great family in this community. We share our faith with one another, our experiences, we cry with one another, rejoice, and Lord do we laugh with one another. It’s such a great joy to know you don’t have to feel alone or be alone as we all walk to this road to recovery with patience and great hope. We are the only ones that understand each other. But the main ingredient here is our faith ion Jesus Christ.. and you don’t have to be a believer in who we believe in but he’s our sustainer through it all.

Mel’s a real “PISTOL” but rest a-sure it’s all done in LOVE.. The Hockey stick is coming! ??????

Mel’s protocol is the only one I know of where tons of people including himself have gotten well here.

A few tips:
I encourage you to buy coaching sessions.. you need them
Listen to at least 6months of conference calls - listened to 1yr of them - there you will find answers to your questions
Do the SUM of the parts and not the SOME of the parts
Don’t mix the protocol - stick with how it’s done without adding to it
Diet change is imperative to your healing - many delicious recipes in the starter guide
Sleep, Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep is important and imperative for the healing process. So get as much ??’s as you can.
Kleen Green is amazing for washing your cloths and your hair
Kleen Green essential oils are amazing
As you get better your environment gets better. Trust me is does!!
This will take time and it’s not a quick fix but take much consistency and patience.

Welcome to the family/community Mrs B! We are Warriors!!

PS - please excuse the typos as I sent this from my mobile ??

In The Masters Hand

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