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5:53:16 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm still liking my job and appreciate all your encouragement. There is a lot to learn and a lot more people to work with. The hospital is small but seemed huge when I first started.

We do have covid there. I am not terribly worried as I'm on the protocol and feel protected in that respect. We have to wear masks as well as gloves and the plastic face shields if going into patient rooms which is what we do so changing gloves after each room and a lot of hand sanitizer.

I feel less tired than I did at my last job. There is so much more to learn and have to remember. I am so grateful for the protocol (I love magnifigreens). I also am feeling better with regards to my stomach and digestion issues. I still have issues but not as often.

The bad news is that I have to work some weekends. This is one of them so I won't be able to be on the calls. I'm so glad they are recorded.

I hope you are all safe and know you're all in my prayers every day.

God bless
Rockin Robin

12:57:10 PM

Dear Linda,

So glad to hear that you like your new job and all is working out so well ! God is GOOD!! Your post have been inspiring and your participation is so good to see!! You will get better faster because participation here has you learn so much more quicker!!

I know you work shifts and nursing can be exhausting, so take good care of yourself! Get plenty of sleep! Do things that relax you and give you peace! Good music, a bubble bath, a good book etc....Be kind to yourself!!

Don't forget to ask us anything at all; we are here for you.

Love & Hugs, Your Sister In Christ,
Rockin Robin

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