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11:52:26 AM

Hi Will,

It sounds like you are taking all the right steps. It is wonderful that you came to this website and are communicating with Mel and everyone here.

To answer your question regarding the feminine wash, I just use the generic store brand. It is half the cost and just as good. There are so many good body washes now that are natural and helpful with our issues. Adding essential oils to the mix is helpful as well. Just not too much.

I hope you are feeling better very soon.


3:10:38 AM
You and I go back a ways, I am looking forward to helping you.

Thanks everyone for your replies, advice, and encouraging words. I had a nice phone chat with John B. He was able to answer my questions about Mel’s Protocol and offered other valuable advice to help restore health. I ordered the Support Kit Plus and some other items from Logos Nutritional and plan on starting as soon as I receive my order.

I also ordered a nasal swab kit from another website, that will test to see if I have MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci) and biofilm in nasal cavities. I got severely ill from toxic mold a little over 3 years ago which I believe caused me to get this dreaded disease. Many people who are exposed to toxic mold suffer from MARCoNS. If the test results come back as positive, I can hopefully start an effective treatment plan for that too.

Chrissy, I have used other antiseptic mouth washes like Listerine but it hasn’t helped. I also make my own oil pulling blend with MCT oil and add essential oils of clove bud, oregano, and peppermint. I didn’t know you could nebulize colloidal silver. I bet that would be extremely beneficial to break up the bacterial in my sinuses. Thanks for the tip.

Linda, your feminine hygiene wash idea might sound crazy to people without this disease but it doesn’t sound crazy to me. One of the things I’ve noticed that helps my face is using Lotrimin Cream and Miconazole Nitrate Vaginal Cream which are both anti-fungal creams. I’ll have to try a feminine hygiene wash. Do you have one you can recommend that’s unscented?

Maria, thanks for all the tips on what foods to stay away from. I try to avoid sugar and high carb foods, although I’ve been pretty bad with bread lately. I plan on being more vigilant when I start the protocol. I’m not sure if I can give up coffee though. I don’t put sugar in it. Does coffee and caffeine exacerbate the symptoms? I have Cistus Incanus tea, and I agree. It does help. I also take Cistus Incanus supplement pills.

Although I’ve been a paying member for over a year, I haven’t been as active as I should have. I plan on changing that. This post alone has been extremely helpful. Some of you have mentioned to read as much as I can from this site. Do you mean in the forum posts or other parts of the website?

I plan on joining the conference calls as well. I do better with verbal communication than with reading. Can you give me an idea of what’s usually discussed during the calls? Is there a weekly topic or is it a casual Q&A?

5:43:27 PM

Hello Will,

Welcome to the community the place of hope!

Glad your here and we are here for you. Please don’t give up and join us in this loving community where you’ll receive mental, emotional, and spiritual support.

Here we send and receive virtual hugs & smile’s!


2:54:50 PM

Hi Will

Welcome to our lovely community, you have definitely found the right place, Mel site saved me, just as I was planning my demise, How I cured Morgellons popped up for the second time the first time I just dismissed it but when it popped back again I think God led me back to it, he knew I really needed help.

You mentioned about food being stuck in your teeth/gums …...I have that! it drives me mad, I never leave the house without dental floss and a mirror!

I hope you are able to come to the calls sometime soon

Freddie x

9:50:55 PM

Hello Will,

I am so sorry you are in the depths of suffering with this horrific disease, but please take heart, and know that you have found the right place. While you are waiting for the protocol to arrive, do change your diet to a low-carbohydrate, plant-heavy, sugar and caffeine-free one (no sugar, stevia is OK, no bread, pasta or rice, no starchy vegetables such as potatoes, no coffee, no sugary drinks, juice or fruit.)

Perhaps it will be of some solace to know that your symptoms, painful, other-worldly, and frightening as they are, are common to most of us, to varying degrees. I found drinking Cistus Incanus tea to be helpful (available from amazon.)

I am in my 18th month of being on the protocol, and am ecstatically happy to say I am close, it seems, to complete recovery. 20 months ago, I was holed up in my bedroom day and night, barely able to walk, eat, sleep or think clearly.

It is highly beneficial to purchase coaching from Mel--he will guide you and help you at every step. Read the website, and come to the calls on the weekends, if you can, so you can meet people. This community is a wonderfully supportive, and caring group. You need never fight this terrifying disease alone--you now have us,
Mel and God to help you. You will overcome this.

Sending you strength, Will. And welcome.
Love, Maria

9:04:12 PM

Dear Will,

Please know I am so sorry that you are afflicted with this toxic disease. The good news is that you have found this website. I'm sure that God has led you here.

Everyone here has been through most of the symptoms you are having. It is horrendous but please know that getting on the diet as soon as possible, as well as the protocol and some coaching with Mel are going to help you considerably. It isn't easy but it is doable and you have a lot of kind caring people here to cheer you on.

Read as much as possible of this website. There is so much here to help and come to the calls on Saturday and Sunday.

One of my biggest issues is biofilm. It is very tenacious. I have been sick for at least 12 years, tried about everything and can vouch for this protocol. I have a long way to go but am so much better. I too had the shocks when touching stuff and blowing lightbulbs when turning on lamps, etc.

This is going to sound kind of crazy but I find that using feminine hygeine wash as body wash is helpful with biofilm. It is ph balanced and not expensive really. Also, I have found that after showering putting witch hazel on my skin draws out something, tiny. I have also thrown a bottle into my bath water. It helps with itching.

Please know that you will begin feeling better and that there is hope. I am so glad you found this website.


6:59:39 PM

Hi Will!!

Welcome! We are all so glad you’re reaching out! I too have been here and can verify all the benefits of Mel’s Protocol. It is no accident that you’re here. I pray you stay connected, know that you can get better. It’s a new day from here on out for you, just move forward with rallied support and please get on the Protocol!! Also make the important changes to your diet and get connected with everyone on a Saturday call. It’s a total lifesaver!!!! Hang in there, you can do this!!


2:44:08 PM

Dear Will,

I am so sorry that you have suffered this disease for three years now. I am glad however that you have reached out to us.

Please if you can manage, try and join the Saturday conference call or Sunday prayer call. We will all welcome you with open arms and help you all we can.

Mel will also help you all he can if you feel you would benefit from one on one coaching.

The protocol will help address biofilm issues. It will take time however. It took time for your bioterrain to break down. It will take time to build it up again.

Have you used an antiseptic as a gargle like TCP that we get in the UK? I think this would help your mouth and throat issues. You can also use silver in your mouth. You can use a nebuliser and sovereign silver for your sinuses. See Robert Scott Bell and sovereign silver for details. Many in our community have found benefits re the nebuliser.

Yes I know what you mean re the tiny particles that float up re this disease. I also know what you mean re static electricity and an electromagnetic feeling. This disease seems to be affected by EMF energy also. Remember to turn off WiFi when not in use, limit use, shield yourself (don't place laptop etc directly on your lap). Don't have a smart meter or shield yourself if you cannot replace. Ground yourself, walk in nature as often as you can.

Hang in there and let us know how you are getting on. Most of us have felt the way you have, it's such a difficult, weird and isolating illness. However, you have reached out now. You don't need to be alone in this Will.

I can tell you that I was sick with this for a very miserable six and a half years (three times full blown for years at a time) before I got help with the protocol. It is a life saver!!!!

You will not regret it, if you get the protocol believe me:-).

Take care and hope to hear from you soon,

10:35:43 AM

Hello Will.....
Isn't it great to be able to ask questions, and ACTUALLY have someone care??
Mel is great..........and everyone on this website has probably gone through the same thing that you describe...to a certain degree, at least!
Here, there is HOPE.....Here, there is COMMUNITY....Here, there are wonderful, helpful, loving and PRAYERFUL folks....
Here, you will also find HOPE!
God Bless You, God Bless us All...

10:31:56 AM

Hello, Will.

I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling, both mentally and physically, as much as you are. I can honestly say that everyone on this forum has been where you are at one point or another. It’s a dreadful, dreadful disease, and it takes an immense amount of courage and perseverance to battle it.

I have been on the protocol for over a year and a half, and I can assure you that it does work, slowly but surely. How long it takes to achieve wellness is a very individual process that depends upon many factors. I am nowhere near where I was when I started taking the supplements. I, too, felt hopeless and, at times, that led me to have very dark thoughts. My belief in God has been completely essential to all the successes along my personal journey. This forum, Mel and everyone on it, has been invaluable as well—there is incredible support here, and you have come to the right place.

I know it’s scary. Believe me, I do. I, too, have numerous issues with my hair that leave me sometimes breathless. I try the best I can not to dwell on the symptoms and realize that my body is desperately trying to purge the toxins inside of it.

I’d encourage you to become an even more active member of the forum and purchase coaching from Mel. At the stage you are in, coaching from Mel will be invaluable to you—he is a wealth of information and has a deep heart and a lot of compassion because he has had the disease as well—but managed to overcome it. Mel will tell you himself to not mix protocols. If something needs to be added to support your specific regimen, Mel can find out through his contacts such as John B. at Logos Nutritionals.

All of the symptoms you have described, although terribly alarming to you, are symptoms that other people have experienced. Everyone manifests symptoms in different ways, but there is nothing unusual about what is happening to you, other than the fact that this disease is like something out of a science fiction movie that you never want to see again.

Once again, I am so sorry that you are suffering; I truly am. It breaks my heart to learn of each new person who is trying to combat this disease. Such good people—such a tragedy. It’s essential to maintain hope and trust that God will see you through.


8:47:25 AM

Dear Will,

I want to welcome you here.

You have come to the right place, this I can assure you!

The protocol used here has been tried and tested with the healing results you are seeking! I can speak from my own experience, which is where God brought me to through many tearful prayers.

How grateful I am for Mel and John B. for their dedication in seeing us all overcome Morgellons, Lyme and the co-infections.

I want to encourage you to take a step of faith into this healing process by starting the protocol.

Mel will guide you through it all! This website is full of all the information you will need to get well.

You will find understanding, care, encouragement and love in this community, real and unique!!

I will be praying for you, Will. God IS our source of strength in ALL things. He will see you through this, as only He truly can.

In His love, Tracy


3:50:51 PM

Hi Will,

This disease presents in different forms, but there are commonalities that many can relate to. First off, you are in the right place. If you search through the forums you will find many threads of people arriving here in very low places in their lives and getting back to health. It takes time and commitment and a dedication to the SUM of the parts of the protocol, but it does work and in that I hope you can find solace in what must be a very, very difficult time for you.

Whilst waiting for the protocol to arrive, I recommend switching your diet over to one which eliminates sugars and carbs. The keto diet isn't easy, but you can make it work and it can be quite delicious as well. Be conscious of the amount of carbs in items you may not have considered to be carb dense (I love cashews but have had to stop as they are quite carb dense for a nut).

You will most likely get worse symptomatically before you start to see improvement. This is not an indication the protocol isn't working, rather the contrary its an indication of how effective the protocol is on cleaning up shop within the body.

Have faith in the protocol, this community will support you and Mel will guide you as he has done with many others before us.

God bless,


1:08:39 PM


I am responding as I have experienced everything you have described and more.
The final straw that has driven me to this website was bloodshot and striated lines in my weeping infected eyes.

As everyone here assured me that I am in the right place, I share the hope of getting well to you.

The journey through this illness is sometimes hurtful when it seems like no one believes you or wants you as a patient.

Your willingness and perseverance to this protocol will definitely be the key to your recovery.

One day at a time and reading about all the others before us will keep your hope alive while healing.

Everyone here will reach out to you.

12:48:39 PM

Hello Will and Welcome!

I look forward to seeing the responses you receive to your post but thought I would share my two cents with a couple of things.

First, dark urine is not normal and should be investigated to see what your liver enzyme levels are. Your physician may decide to run further tests to rule out complicating factors such as chronic viral infections like Hep C. He or she may also run a urine mycotoxin test to see if you have systemic mold issues... something we see quite often in the toxic disease community.

The symptoms you share with so many others early on in their recovery underscore the importance of supporting detoxification pathways in the body which the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol does very well with therapeutic dosages and synergistic balance... hence Mel's strong stance against mixing protocols.

That being said, the planet is literally covered with natural medicines, and I certainly don't think that our protocol is the only way to restore the integrity of the bioterrain, but it is a very comprehensive, scientifically sound and time tested program that consistently delivers results for those who stick with it.

Now to address your protocol questions directly:

1. Liposomal Vitamin C - Can be added safely with no problems and may be especially helpful in the case of chronic viral infections.

2. Glutathione - Not only very expensive but very poorly absorbed orally which is why it is not in our protocol already. Instead, we use cysteine containing amino acids which are the building blocks of glutathione to drive the body's natural production of and turnover (or renewal of spent) glutathione.

3. SSKI - Iodine deficiency is quite common in chronically ill individuals and chronic thyroid suppression is one of the hallmark features of the Lyme and Morgellons communities. However, one must be cautious with iodine supplementation as too much is potentially more immediately life threatening than not enough. Some patients find a combination of iodine and glandular thyroid and/or adrenal support is needed to bring their thyroid back in balance.

Iodine is already sufficiently present in our protocol, not so much as an antimicrobial but to support cellular energy production and endocrine balance. It is also one of several protocol synergies underlying the process of degrading biofilms in the body - a crucial factor in overcoming chronic infections.

4. Iron Sulfate - Iron is not included in our protocol as it should not be supplemented unless it is needed. Not only is excess iron toxic to the liver, but it can also feed the energy systems of certain pathogens... which is why some Lyme practitioners only prescribe iron when levels are low enough to affect hemoglobin levels (the protein that binds oxygen in our red blood cells to be delivered to our tissues).

When iron supplementation is necessary, we recommend iron bisglycinate as it is less problematic with stomach upset and constipation.

Hope you find this info helpful Will. Please keep us posted on your progress and let us know if you have other questions.

You are and will remain in our prayers.


william **

6:17:12 AM
I want to live and need help

Hello. I’ve suffered with this dreaded disease for about 3 years and my symptoms are getting rapidly worse. I’ve even thought about suicide due to the stress, hopelessness, and despair this has caused.

I am considering starting “Mel’s Protocol” but I have some questions and concerns before ordering the products. Please forgive me in advance for the length of this post and some of my questions that may seem obvious, ignorant, or simple.

The reason why I want to try Mel’s Protocol is because he’s a believer in Christ and it seems a lot of members who post in the forum are also believers. Since I’m a Christian, I feel more comfortable with advice and input other Christians share. So, here are my questions and concerns.

As like many of you, I suffer from a plethora of health issues/symptoms. The symptoms that seem to be more active/aggressive for me lately has been biofilm, or some sort of substance that I have never dealt with before. I believe I have this “biofilm” coming out of me from every way possible. I’ll try to be as mild or unoffensive as possible with describing my symptoms.

I’ll get the gross part out of the way. Stool is very thick, large, and dense. I often have to plunge the toilet. Urine is dark, and very bubbly. I can also see particulates in the urine.

I believe the biofilm comes out of my pores as well. My skin looks dry and flaky. When I’m showering, it feels very oiling and it seems like nothing I do removes the oily film I feel on my skin. Adding borax to the body wash seems to help the most. KleenFree also helps. I also notice that the lather from my body wash and shampoo seems to be thicker since I’ve been suffering from this. I’ve tried MANY different body washes and shampoos and have made my own and they all seem to create a unusually thick lather.

The worst is my mouth, throat, nasal passages/sinuses. It seems like my mouth over produces saliva and mucous, creating the urge to spit frequently. I have to keep an empty water bottle on my night stand to spit in. My saliva feels thick, almost chewie, and stringy. If I gargle with just plain water, spit it out in the sink, there’s often “stuff” that comes out with the water. Not to sound weird or crazy but a lot of times, the “stuff” looks either like worms or a glob or stringy goo. When this happens, I think it loosens up the “stuff” in my sinuses as well because I blow out the same looking “stuff” from my nose. Although, sometimes the “stuff” is in a hardened form. I usually have white patches on my tongue and the inside of my cheeks. This is not thrush. It might be oral lichen planus or Leukoplakia.

I tend to get A LOT of food particles stuck in between my teeth and my gums after eating. Even if I brush my teeth, floss, and gargle, I still get food particles lodged that will dislodge hours later.

What’s odd about this “stuff” or biofilm, is what happens when it dries up. Do you guys ever see this dust or tiny particles that float/fly around, especially in your car? I don’t think they’re bugs but they seem to exhibit an odd behavior when they’re floating around. Normal dust will just float around and will only move erratically if there’s any wind and anything else that propels it to move. This stuff floats around erratically on it’s own. It’s hard to describe. Well, if I clean out my nasal passages about 30 minutes of blowing my nose, it looks like these particles or dust comes out of my nose, with the same erratic behavior. It might be because of how this stuff dries up....flaky, porous, spiral shaped, etc.. I don’t know. Just trying to make sense of it.

It also seems like I get that coming out of my hair as well. If I stand close to the bathroom which has a bright light above it, I have swipe my hand across my hair and create a lot of these particles to fly out.

One other thought that I had is, perhaps these particles or dust isn’t dried up biofilm but rather dust/particles in the environment that cling to me and that I inhale. It seems as though I attract dust, lint, particles, bugs, etc… Not only do I feel sticky at times, I also seem to suffer from extra static cling or some sort of electromagnetic feeling. It’s so bad in fact that it seems as though certain objects are affected by my touch. Like ziplock bags. I grab a new ziplock bag from the box and it will start slightly fraying at the side edges. I touch a slice of bread and it seems to crumble a bit more than normal.

Anyone else experiencing these odd issues? Can anyone offer any insight as to what causes this? Do you think Mel’s Protocol would help reduce or eliminate these symptoms?

The other questions I have is about Mel’s Protocol. I read where it states that not to mix protocols. Is there more than one protocol from Mel or does is it referring to protocols from other sources? If I start Morgellons Support Kit Plus Renaissance Activated Whey and add the Support Kit Extension, is it safe to add other vitamins/supplements? Namely, liposomal Vitamin C, Glutathione, and SSKI? Vitamin C and Glutathione to boost immunity and SSKI to combat bacteria and biofilm. What about ferrous sulfate (iron supplement)? When I initially got ill, my iron level dropped. My PCP prescribed ferrous sulfate. Any information or insight you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much Mel and others here that share their time and knowledge to help others.

Thank you and God bless,