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4:07:59 PM

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your kind words and good advice.

I'm going to the coast to soak in the saltwater (so helpful!).

Soon I will join the weekend calls and participate with coaching etc.

Be Blessed,
Rockin Robin

1:08:35 PM

Oh.....Dear Stuart,

My heart just ached for you when I read your post!!!! We have ( almost all of us ) been where you are and were!! Please know, we, here in this community, understand and can relate to everything you say!!

WE will pray for you, support you and befriend you dear brother!!! You are in the right place if you really want to get well. Get coaching with Mel !! He is a true expert on this disease!! Get on the diet and protocol and let Mel guide you to healing!!

Several people have already posted to you below and all their advice is so true and correct and valuable!! Take heart dear friend, Mel and this community is the right answer.

Please come to the calls on SAT. & SUN., we can help you with symptoms and answer your questions and believe it or not have fun in fellowship. There is vast knowledge here about these toxic diseases in many forms, reading info., videos, coaching, calls, and fellow sufferers!!

You have found HELP and HOPE !!!! We are here for you!!

Love & Hugs,
Your Christians Sis,
Rockin Robin

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