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I'm Ready To Do My HAPPY DANCE

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10:41:20 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Mel,

Just wanted to check in… I will call you this weekend or Friday…

I have to check the website to see when your coaching hours are.

Things have been extremely difficult in my life with big challenges on many fronts, but my health is holding up OK…

I Definitely slid backwards because of all the stress but I’m working hard to recoup my progress and stay stable.

Thank God for the protocol, and the knowledge you have given me.

Headed upstairs to get enough sleep…

God bless you and thank you!!

8:33:39 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Maria,

It's great you are feeling really well and have lots of Energy and mental clarity!!

It's also tremendous that you have very little symptoms now! Apart from a bit of grit in your eyes when you wa ke or some occasional crawly scalp symptoms. And you have had some sandy particles leaving your hand recently.

Do you spray Kleen Green on your scalp as soon as you get the occasional crawlies? I think it's truly excellent in helping with those crawling symptoms!!

You will find that the sand particles get less and less, the more you Heal. Until the day comes and they will disappear altogether....and you will be surely Dancing in the Streets!!!

When you do your Happy Dance, do a little Scottish Highland Jig for me will you:-).


7:29:11 AM

Morgellons - Click The Picture, Soon To Be Another Testimonial
Click The Picture, Soon To Be Another Testimonial

Hi Maria

I wanted to congratulate you for the progress that you gave made which you have shared in your post. Gaining the weight back is a very good sign that your intestinal integrity has restored. And the increase energy you now are experiencing together with the mental clarity also represent a return to adrenal and endocrine balance.

I would say that you are clearly reaping the benefits of restoring your internal bio terrain. Well done, sister. Stay the course now as you look to further solidify the many gains you have shared. I'm thrilled for you!


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