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11:30:30 AM

Hello everyone!

I cannot say how thankful I am for all of your responses.
They have all made me feel so happy and encouraged.

All of the tips and advice you all have been sharing is so greatly appreciated.

I have not been feeling so alone lately and it has helped my mentality a lot. I also wanted to say that I have been eating more and trying to diversify my diet with more meat and different veggies.

I also have started using Kleen Green and sulfur soap which has seemed to help me a little bit with the crawling.

So I wanted to share the positive news!

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for the help and encouragement!

- Claire

10:03:45 AM
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It really takes time to get better.

Please read on this site everything you can get a small note pad and take notes. I still read and reread.

I understand you want to get well, but you have to eat to stay healthy!
Try some of the recipes on our list, there are really good surprises, give some of your friends some of the snacks they will want you to make more and that will give you something to do that will help.

It really seems hard at first but the more you learn to fix the food you can eat the better you will feel! Hang in there you will get better.

Thinking about you!!

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