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9:54:21 PM

Hi Lilly,

Welcome to the site and to this awesome community of Warriors.

We are sad but glad your here!

Please don’t be shy to jump right in to begin to participate in your healing journey,...you have support here, love, and commitment from each one of us in the community to help walk you through your healing journey.

I must encourage to please do the most important thing, and that is to purchase coaching from Mel for $50. It’s the best $50’s you’ll ever spend.

Again, welcome Lilly.



11:57:12 AM

Hi Lilly,

Happy to see you here although not under these circumstances. We were all where you are and everyone here along with Mel will be able to answer questions not only here on the forum but the conference calls on Saturday and prayer calls on Sunday.

You will find so much information here. There are years of posts and stories from people who have regained their health.

You will find you are very welcome here and please keep coming back!


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