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1:22:10 PM

Hello Lilly,

Just wanted to say welcome, and I'm very glad you have found this community, though we all wish we had met each other for different reasons, in happier circumstances.

I, too, like everyone in this community, was in a very dark place when I found the website. My body was riddled with lesions, I could not sleep, eat or walk much, and I was feeling hopeless, helpless, and wondering if God was punishing me for some reason. That was 18 months ago. My lesions are gone, and I'm well on my way to being well.

The good news is-- You WILL get better once you get on the protocol! Come to the weekend calls, and buy some coaching from Mel. It is worth every penny.

You are never alone in this--we are all with you, in our various stages of recovery. This community is absolutely lovely--very supportive, and empathetic. Indeed, we are the only people who truly understand what we are going through.

I've never met a more wonderful group, frankly!

It is vital to remember it is the SUM of the parts that will heal you. The sum of the parts means you must do every part to get well: get enough sleep (and rest, nap, lay down as much as you can, every day), follow the protocol carefully, follow the diet carefully, read the website, come to the calls, and get coaching from Mel.

Take it one day at a time--it can seem overwhelming at first.

Just start by eliminating all sugar, flour, gluten, caffeine and high carbs from your diet (no rice, pasta, fruit, bread.) You will find that it all gets easier as you go, and get used to it--the diet, the routine of taking the pills, wps, and even the cold water rinse on the head every morning (it helps heal the scalp).

You are in the right place, and your journey to healing has already begun.


10:26:28 AM
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Dear Lilly,

It's been good to hear you on the weekend calls. This is very important for you to gain knowledge, which gives strength and HOPE!

You will be on the protocol before you know it. We are all here for you and praying for you. It's great that you are changing your diet, drink lots of water and plenty of rest.

Robert Scott Bell will be on our Saturday call. He is such a blessing to each of us with the knowledge of healing that he shares with us.
Check him out on robertscottbell.com

Look forward to being with you on the call Lilly!

In His love, Tracy

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