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Rockin Robin **

1:31:04 PM
It Just Works!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Here is my fantastic update!! During the last full moon, a day before, I began to experience a slight stinging on my back. It slowly got worse and spread over my whole body; I had a miserable night! Nothing I sprayed or put on it seemed to help!

The next day was our Sat. phone call " Coffee, Tea W/ Me ". During the call, Mel reminded me of the Lemon Cleanse. I had used it before but had never experienced the stinging to this degree. I drank one during the day and fixed one for the night.

I also had a little square of 92% cacao chocolate ( which Tea had done some research on and says parasites hate it !!).

All I know is when I felt the stinging start, I did these two things for several days and I experienced no stinging!! It would stop!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!

YES, MEL, YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT DEAR BROTHER!!!!!! And thank you Tea for the great tip on cacao chocolate which really works for her and now me!!!!

I bought the Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate 92% Cacao Chocolate at Krogers for $2.50 a big bar. Check your large chain grocery store or you can buy it online. It is very bitter and not sweet, but it works!!! Tea cannot do the cayenne pepper in the Lemon Cleanse because it gives her migraine headaches. I did both and both worked fantastic!!!

Lemon Cleanse - lemon juice, water, ice, cayenne pepper - all to your taste, the stronger the better!

Hope this helps!!
Love & Hugs
Rockin Robin

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