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How I Cured Morgellons

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1:43:47 PM

Hey Donna, Ellie and everyone else!! :)

I appreciate all your tips and I will be trying these tips out. I'M not sure whereto find Xylitol but I will look on Amazon for it..

Will it help heal the lesions in my eyes as well? Because my eyes is the only place that has lesions.

Yall are a blessing!!!
Donna M

10:11:42 AM

Hi Leigha,

I agree with all these tips, but I just wanted to add an additional tip to help with the eyes. I actually got this tip from reading Mary (the Canaanite Woman) thread.

If you wear mascara, try to buy organic or one from Found. You can read the post I made about this brand under the thread "Make up" dated 2/5/19.

However, it's not just that the mascara be safe, it is how you apply it, as you could be reinfecting your mascara and your eyes. Mary suggested using disposal mascara wands - use one for each eye and then throw away. I ordered a pack of 100 on Amazon for five dollars and some change.

The good news is this is only temporary. My eyes got better and I no longer have to use disposable wands. I am still using the Found brand of makeup though because I like it and the less toxins I'm exposed to the better.

Hope this helps a little. Take care and continue to post.

God Bless,


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